Pasture -fed, Natural Beef YUM
Pasture -fed, Natural Beef YUM

I will be picking up my 1/2 beef sometime in the next two weeks.   Purchased from my rancher friend who lives 9 miles from me and processed at the locker plant located 3 1/2 blocks from my house, I will once again have wonderful, pasture-fed beef in my fridge by mid-May.

(If you live in Colorado, and want in on this fabulous food, check out High Plains Natural Beef – yes, I know, isn’t the website I built for him purdy?  Even if it is in Raider’s colors?  I’m not a die hard football fan, but I did blanch a bit when I asked him what color scheme he wanted for his website – Raider Colors?!?  In Colorado?   Don’t hold it too much against him – he really is a great guy!)

Cost?  Around $1100.

Some believe me insane – but given my small household and our diet, this purchase means I will be meeting my households preferred source of protein for the next two years for $45/month.

I love, simply love, buying in bulk.


Imagine my shock when the local bank teller informed me yesterday that the average cost for prom night is $1100 – seems that limo service, dinner, dresses, tuxes and flowers all add up pretty quick.

Now, I’m not judging, honest, I’m not – but to spend on one night what constitutes meat for two years – well, I just can’t wrap my head around it.

Anymore than I could justify spending 5-years worth of wheat budget on one pair of jeans

The only reason I bring this up, is because there are plenty of folks who tell me if I would just change our eating habits, I’d be better off financially.   That I don’t need a two-year supply of meat in my freezer –

And then I wonder, “Who needs an $1100 date?!?”

Priorities – mine need not be yours, or vice versa, but can we at least have the space in which to follow our priorities without a whole lot of sermonizing going on regarding those we don’t share?



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