Crisis of Conscience

In the wake of 10 days of sunshine interrupted by passing blizzards every other day or so, coupled with a body reacting horrifically to new medicine, I was pleased to awake this morning to sunshine, warmth and a body aching to get to work, instead of just aching…

Skipping outside,  I found myself facing, instead of work, a crisis of conscience regarding the start of my landscape project.   This is what the area looked like when I first moved in:

Check out that blue Colorado December Sky!
Check out that blue Colorado December Sky!

Now, with spring weather and spring snow, this is what that same south side looks like:

Growing Green Things
Growing Green Things

See all those beautiful purple flowers?   And the lush, native grass?   How can I possibly cover this up with newspaper and bury it, alive, with garden bed dirt?   Oh, why does my body rebel against the changing barometer?  Why, oh why could I have not gotten this project done back in February, when I had no qualms…?

Now, by pursuing my project, I will not be Ms. Landscaper, Gardener Extraordinaire –

Nope, I’ll just be a mass murderer…



To Weed or Not To Weed
To Weed or Not To Weed

I suspect the pretty flowers are what is known as stink weed in these parts – will have confirmation later today – but they don’t stink now and they are so pretty and vibrant.  Seems such a shame to weed whip them down and cover them – What if, in fact, they aren’t actually a weed?

But of course they are!  They fulfill the definition:

Weed – Any plant that grows where someone doesn’t want it to.


Feel free to share your thoughts – I’ve thoughtfully prepared a list for you to choose from:

  1. Quit Procrastinating – I swear, you come up with the silliest things to delay starting on a project!
  2. Oh, you sweet, sweet girl – offer a prayer of thanks and let the the garden go wild this year – you can juice grass you know!  It’s very nutritious.
  3. You’re worried about killing stinkweed?  Are you nuts?  Better yet, add a layer of poisonous weed killer down before the newspaper and dirt – you gotta be a warrior if you’re going to garden.
  4. Does this mean I won’t be getting any tomatoes from you this year?  Because of pretty purple flowers?   Sigh….

9 thoughts on “Crisis of Conscience”

  1. Oh dear…I’m not sure your neighbors, tomatoes-to-be, or conscience will like this. While I read that stinkweed can drink up water other plants should rightly have, and can taint the meat and/or milk of any grazing livestock (hiding any?), some links tell of their medicinal & other useful properties, including repelling mosquitoes and fleas and even acting as an aphrodisiac!
    That said…if they ain’t what you need, kill the durn weed! 🙂


    1. 🙂 – Thanks so much for the links!
      I really like the mosquito/flea repellant properties – perhaps I can find a way to keep the stinkweed as a walkway or border plant and away from my raised beds and their water – ! Since we are in drought cycle, the mosquitoes haven’t been too bad these past few years.

      I know there must be some reason for mosquitoes and fleas – just haven’t found it yet, so happy to keep weeds that keep them at bay – simply because I don’t have any grazing animals lurking about – except the dog, who eats grass once in awhile…

      As for other livestock, I read an excerpt from “Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind” this morning and after reading about the scratching, tilling and composting advantages of chickens, I am considering going that route – – think I can train them to jump up on the raised beds I planted with composting crops each spring to work the soil? LOL



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