The Garden Within

“Take a deep breath – Imagine your body a garden –

What do you see?”

“A barren landscape – and a tree.”


“Nothing else?”

“No – it’s quiet, calm and peaceful.  Shrouded in mist.  It’s comfortable here.  I feel no pain”

“Who else is with you?”

“No one – I am alone, except for the tree.”

“Describe the tree as if it were you.”

“I am strong – I am steadfast – I have driven my roots deep so I can survive whatever storms may come.”

“Can you feel your roots?”


“Can you breathe in the energy from those roots, up through you?”

“Yes – Oh, Look!   I see buds appearing – and tiny purple flowers – how wonderful”

“Breathe in and up…and again…and again… What do you see now?”

“Beautiful green and purple – everywhere – vibrant – lush”

Energy - down deep and up high
Energy – down deep and up high


Thank you to shamanictracking for the precious gift of reminding me that in putting all my energy to surviving past and future storms, I’d forgotten to thrive, today.

Blessings to all whose gardens may look dead, but are not.  May you discover your thrive!

Sunset in the Garden
Sunset in the Garden

27 thoughts on “The Garden Within”

    1. BTW – Enough other Dragons for you to hold the line against, that I’m aware of, but, FYI – don’t think I’ll update, my outdated WordPress Theme, this weekend – but thanks! for making the leap easier – just so you know, I read and replied – even if not in same thread – ! LUB (which is this American’s way of saying, “Luv Ya Bunches, You Can Do It, Call if You Need Back Up/Hard-Ass who loves to say the F* and/or “bl***y’ word whenever possible to make a point, (is it okay that I typed out and the *** ? Or did I just ensure I need to wait 2 more years before safely washing upon your shores?) We got to get me trained before I show up at your neck of the woods/Florence Nightengale’s home ground – even if it’s rather a stretch and hard exercise at times (and even if the answer is “Seriously, try not to be a bloody American arse=wipe, can ya?”

      I’m working my way through all the Dicken’s classics I somehow missed in my public education – AND – still focused on laughing over Martin Chuzzlewitz – 🙂 Which Masters and PhD’s I love and revere, here, didn’t know about it – or never read – (between you and me and our combined .0003% less of world populations folks that follow you, me, your mum, and read such things 🙂 but figure it my prep for visiting across the pond and still, though you helped immensely this week, Still! shooting for not completely droppin the ball – for my own stuff in emotional/recovery world – – venturing back out into ‘social world’ exercise – LOL

      I trust You to know exactly what I meant about this comment – 🙂 And if you don’t immediately get/responed, it’s okay, you helped me heal another facet, OR at least recognize where healing took place and where I still have some work to do – either way – take it for what’s it’s worth, for you, but you made profound difference, for me, this week, in a myriad of ways –


  1. Found this post through shamanictracker’s blog, and no doubt a generous gift of serendipity. This is lovely, and so timely it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.


    1. Thank you for visiting and the kind, kind words.
      I can’t help but love your WordPress handle and email handle – – I’m a Plains born-native, but I come from hillbilly stock…


  2. Beautiful post……… We often forget just to Breathe properly, and bring the energies within… We so often neglect the inner self… What a beautiful site you have.. 🙂
    Namaste… ~Sue


      1. It is poetry 🙂
        A very beautiful rebirth, natural in the way that when you have a great understanding why you are here (deeply rooted at your source), then you have the ability to blossom time & time again. A great post that I will return to again & again.


  3. Reblogged this on shamanictracking and commented:
    To my second Lady Hero who did the shamanic tracking with me offered through my blog:
    She dedicated her beautiful post to ‘to all whose gardens may look dead, but are not. May you discover your thrive!’


  4. Woooow that’s soooo beautiful!!! I am very very happy for you!!! And everybody else who will read this 🙂
    Yes, you are a warrior, you are my Hero, with deep strong roots! And an amazing sense of humor 🙂
    I read something by H. Hesse today that I think you may like:

    ‘I learned through my body and soul that it was necessary for me to sin, that I needed lust, that I had to strive for property, and experience nausea and the depths of despair in order to learn not to resist them, in order to love the world, and no longer compare it with some kind of desired imaginary world, some imaginary vision of perfection, but to leave it as it is, to love it and be glad to belong to it. This stone is a stone; it is also animal, God and Buddha. I do not respect and love it because it was one thing and will become something else, but because it has already long been everything and always is everything. I love it just because it is a stone, because today and now it
    appears to me a stone.’
    Much love xox


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