At the end of the day…

I sit, tonight, drained by the emotional journey of day full of visiting, writing, reading –  I emerge from the sea of interaction and frenzied writing – amazed at my productivity, in spite of the frequent forays into both the real and online world.

I ponder upon the fact that, statistically, I’ve spent over half of my allotted time here on earth.   In light of my health history, perhaps two-thirds is the fairer figure.

I think back on today’s conversations and discoveries – marveling at how those I thought I had so much in common with failed to hear what I was saying, much as I failed to truly hear them.

Past actions and reactions remembered – viewed now with gentler emotion, given the distance of time and the grace of healing.

And, to my surprise, those I thought so different from me in their priorities and passions felt more comfortable than I ever thought possible.

So much time spent on this planet, and still, I can’t always comprehend fully the ties that bind us together or rip us apart.

I still struggle with discerning which chaos indicates wrong thinking and which announces an impending breakthrough.

I see the pitfalls of Dualistic thinking and yet struggle to embrace the theory of One.

I seek tolerance within and yet find myself judging me, for failing yet again.

Is one lifetime ever enough?


7 thoughts on “At the end of the day…”

  1. I think that knowledge of the limits that we all have does much to enhance the beauty of it all. If we had unlimited access to life and to all of this earth then, in the end, it would mean little.


    1. What is the story, (there’s one in every culture, but the one I’m thinking about is Gaelic in origin, I believe )
      Tira Nog? Doesn’t seem quite right, but it’s a land where there is no pain, no hunger and no sadness – and because there is nothing to compare too, there is also no joy…

      Well said and thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  2. What a productive day you had! I guess a day (of work) can feel like a lifetime (of work), just like lifetime can feel like a day. In the end, it is not time that really matters but your experience of it… xox


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