I’m (Sob) a Lazy Liker…

For those who don’t know it, I spent a portion of time being trained in process improvement, Lean Business practices and the 6 Sigma arts – loosely translated, this means I spent most of my waking hours in the activities of collecting, compiling and analyzing data to make informed business change decisions…

Which is funny, because the data only confirmed what I already knew just from walking around, talking to people about their jobs and listening to their gripes over a cold brewsky after work.

However, this stint reinforced my natural tendency to look for trends – to see connections and patterns in durn near everything that passes through any of my 6 senses…

This past week, there has been a trend here in WordPress land – some of those posting on these topics are following each other and others are not – but here is what is on the radar of many:

  • The “Like” button
  • The pros and cons of the “Like” button
  • Being addicted to viewing stats and Likes
  • How many of your followers are real people, with a real blog?


Now, I’m a “Liker” – If I read a post and enjoyed it – I hit the button without thinking twice about it.Β Β  If the “Like” button just isn’t quite enough to express how much the post impressed me, I’ll leave a comment – or if it reminded me of a time in my life that I don’t feel the urge to blog about, I’ll just leave that in the comments area….

I appreciate it when folks take the time and energy to like my posts.

I actually enjoy more the exchanged comments, but I since I’m a non-Twitterer, non-Facebooker, I realize that most others probably have less time for comment posting than I do…

I also tend to log-in, read those I follow, reply to comments, write and log out – – – So, when someone “Likes” a post of mine – I now have a golden bread crumb trail to follow straight back to them and I’ve discovered so many wonderful places to read and connect with others in this manner.

I really “Like” finding others work in this very easy-for-me manner!


On the flip side, I’m a Lazy Liker – when I follow the link back to your site, and I read down through your home page of latest posts – so excited that you found me so I could enjoy your awesome work, it sometimes irks me to read the entire post, only to have to click on the heading to get to the page where I can hit the Like button…

True, this configuration allows you to gather data about your postings, but really – can’t I just read down the page, hit Like if I choose and race on to the next work?

Think of how much extra time I would have to work through your archives, if only I didn’t have to click, wait for page to load, “Like”, Click (next or previous post or Browser go back) …

The amount of time saved me would be enormous and I’m sure that’s important to you…



I’ve seen, with dismay, a couple of writers who have removed the “Like” button from their sites – which is, of course their right – but sometimes, I’ve enjoyed a piece, but I really don’t have anything to add, or the words to say and “Great post” while posted with the utmost sincerity, probably, in all reality, is actually lame…

I will say that visiting sites via links from the “Likes” area is resulting in my “I’m Following” list growing by leaps and bounds…

So many creative folks have found meΒ  that now,Β  I may need to get up an hour earlier so I can read all the wonderful ‘news’, and reply to comments and hit the Like button – –

On the plus side, I’m so satiated from my trips here that I rarely look at news feeds anymore – if there’s something important going on that I need to know about, someone I follow will clue me in – how do you think I knew about Boston?Β  That the Gun Control Bill failed to pass?Β  That carbon monoxide rates have crept 50ppm over what is considered to be the tipping point?

So I have left the news world behind – those bloggers who travel or live in other countries give me way more balanced perspectives and information than the mainstream media does anyways – – and those who are struggling for a day remind me that my life is pretty good…

Oh, how I do so “Like” all of you!


27 thoughts on “I’m (Sob) a Lazy Liker…”

  1. its comforting to realize that others are struggling with these issues. I sometimes “like” without clicking if its a great photo or a short post, but the blogger loses getting credit for the view. on the other hand, that simple like has led me all over the planet to meet and embrace amazing people I might not otherwise find. I also must admit my uber -competitive side can get obsessed with the stats. just when I thought I was getting closer to ascending πŸ™‚

    dare I say great post????


    1. Well, yes, you can say great post – it’s not lame when a paragraph proceeds it…
      Thanks so much – I just didn’t quite get why all the sudden there was so many posts on the subject and once I started to think about it, I thought, “Hey! Do you think people will destroy their stats and marketing efforts in order to make life easier for me?”


  2. haha i so relate to this post!! blogging has opened up a whole new world of connections and hours can go by – whenever i’m about to log out, i find something else to get inspired and excited by! i have actual books that i need to read but they’re gathering dust over there in the corner.

    i so appreciate giving and receiving comments too – how awesome is it that we can learn so much about people from all around the world? and not in the facebook/twitter way (i have accounts, but use them infrequently), which doesn’t give a sense of the ‘real’ person.

    i’m also with you on the ‘like’ button. there’s sooo much good stuff to read, i need as much efficiency as possible! πŸ™‚ thanks again, aleya


    1. I’m so happy I posted this! I’m discovering all my fellow ‘Sigma & data geek’ bloggers! LOL
      I swing widely between, “Make decisions based off data” and “Follow yer Gut!”
      But I never can quite get past my brain’s natural and extended through training, tendency to see patterns… in everything…whether they can be seen by other eyes or not…


  3. LoL, I guess this topic was passed around a lot. And I am assuming you know my take on it. It is good to know how you feel, it enlightens me also to read blog posts by people that visit. I DO NOT always comment, because I am normally doing 10 things, but I do look. Nice post! -OM


    1. Thanks OM – yes, I’ve worked through your site far enough to suppose I have an inkling of your thoughts! LOL
      I so appreciate those who take the time to comment, but do not see it as some unwritten WordPress etiquette rule – I’m pretty lax about all of this – but, because it seemed to be in the ethers this week, and because I did think it rude to leave this long of a thought in the comment area of others – I simply had to post it!


        1. I do too, but it seems the rules are always changing – awhile back, there was a flux of articles regarding the selfish and time-wasting rudeness of 1) Leaving voice mails 2)Addressing/Signing emails (i.e. Dear John, Sincerely, Mary) and sending electronic thank you’s – –

          I hope to goodness these articles were tongue-in-cheek – if not, I fear I won’t last long with “Da New Rules” LOL


  4. Agree. A good post, informative and very clear a product of your Sigma training πŸ™‚ So you suggest the first page/home page as a static page versus a dynamic (where you can scroll through posts – but there is no like button at the end of the articles)? Thank you – a helpful post.


    1. Well, having a home page that lists your latest blog posts and I don’t have to leave your home page to “Like” makes it highly efficient for me to work through your archives…

      But I emphasize the ‘works for me’ portion – – LOL

      I worked several years getting databases down to one-click wonders – It’s my little pet peeve to have to click numerous times… But that’s just me!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! πŸ™‚


      1. πŸ™‚ Thanks, I work with processes every week in the textile business so, like you, if something can be tweaked for efficiency I am all for it. Cheers.


        1. πŸ™‚
          My greatest challenge was quitting the tweaking when I had passed the tipping point of ROI – I just kept wanting to mess with it, just a tad more…
          I used to sneak into work and not clock in, so I could tweak something from two-clicks to one-click before actually clocking in on the project dime….


  5. the LIKE button to me is controversial. It helps and shows who passes by your blog. And true, it does help discover other blogs as well as people are very busy in the world, or really don’t have much to say. But my arguement to the LIKE button is that it doesn’t count on a view of a post. So you can post a post and get 10 likes and zero views for the post, in which means no one clicked on it or even read it.

    I have come to live with that fact, but I try my best to click through, like and comment. Not on everything, but on the ones I read or click through on, If I have nothing much to say or in a rush, I simply leave a “smiley” face. I think that’s an effective method, to support and grant the writer a valuable view on their work. πŸ™‚


    1. I and some others have been chatting about some perceived glitches – such as likes/follows disappearing/reappearing – I guess, for short ones (like poetry, or just pics) if the reader shows the whole thing and I’m not missing any content by not clicking through – I just “Like” it from the reader – so maybe that’s what causes the Likes but no views – – Quite a few of your short poems pop up in the reader in their entirety – if you wish, BUT just for you! I’ll click through before liking….



      1. It’s a strong discussion. I think that’s kind of why I write my posts short. I want to give the readers a fun look inside, and enjoy in an easy digest. But it hurts in other aspects, in which I am working on the solution. πŸ™‚ Awww you clicking though, is because you are like the sweetest in the world. πŸ™‚


        1. πŸ™‚ and aren’t you sweet for blessing me with more than I deserve? LOL
          Yes, the layout, set-up, etc., is all so dependent upon your style, your goals, what you really hope for from the blog – I can’t help but want it to be easy to cruise through and read! Otherwise, I’d never keep caught up with everyone’s work! LOL


  6. I laughed my way through this post because I could have written it, top to bottom – though not nearly as well. Complete agreement on the efficiency of placing the like button at the conclusion.


    1. Glad I could provide a laugh and thanks for the compliment!
      Apparently, there was a reason why this topic has been in many a post – it seems to elicit much conversation!



  7. I always try and comment on a blog post that I’ve read but sometimes, even though I’ve enjoyed the post and gotten something from it I have nothing to add–generally because it’s late and I’m tired. For me, then, the like button becomes what I think it was meant to be–a simple expression of gratitude.


    1. Exactly! I find myself “like” “like” “liking” on those days when I’m grumpy (we agreed that we can have those days, right? LOL) – On grumpy days, I don’t write – – not even comments – – the words just don’t come..



  8. I like the ‘like’ button. It’s just a great way to show appreciation for someone’s work, post, idea, etc, even if I have nothing to say about it. And as you’ve said, you discover new amazing creative people through ‘likes’ that you might not otherwise!


    1. yes – and already visited you and liked you and soon to hit the ‘follow’ button – even though you made me work for it! LOL
      I know nothing about the science of poetry, but I truly enjoy yours!


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