As The Universe Turns

Unknown to most earth beings, there is a special time, each day, that God and St. Peter tune in and watch, “As The Universe Turns”.   Unlike our silly little soaps, this is the ultimate reality show.  Aforementioned producers and directors write the script, cue the actors and sit back to watch what happens.

Apparently, my diligent activities regarding writing, editing and gardening were not giving the ratings needed.  So, this past week, some tweaking was done…


“Dude!  Did you just mess with her computer?  Really!?!   Man – hurry up with the popcorn – don’t want to miss this blow-up….”

“Hmm…she’s really trying this ‘be calm’ approach – – try the vacuum sweeper – she just bought that the first of the year, she’ll blow for sure and we can enjoy the show…”

“Okay, so that didn’t work…why not have the Spin Dryer that was shipped to replace the lemon that crapped out after a month, arrive Not Working?  That’ll surely do it!”

“What’s up?   Where’s the fire, the cursing, the swearing to us that she will one day get even?   You know, how about causing a conflict between her operating software and her eBook software so bad, her hard drive crashes?  That’ll surely do it…”

“Here it comes….she’s muttering about the full moon – won’t take long now, once she realizes it’s the new moon…”


Dear Universe, God and St. Peter,

Thank you for writing such powerful scenes for me – I realize that I’m here totally for your amusement.   I finally get that.   So I’m done throwing a fit when you two get done with work, are bored and want a little fun.

I’m showing you that I’ve learned how to accept gracefully the storms of life – even when it feels like you’re just messin’ with me for fun.   I Got It!”


“She’s fired.  No one likes a goody-goody.”


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