That Lyin’ George

Years ago, I met George and my life became magical.   I was so full of hope for the future and couldn’t wait for all he promised me to come true.

Well, that George is a lyin’ you-know-what.   To date, nothing, NOTHING he promised me has come true.   For instance –

There is no Food-a-rack-a-sacker – I still have to slave in the kitchen if child-unit and I want to eat something other than Cool Ranch Doritos.

I still have to get out of bed by myself, take a shower, wash AND style my own hair, brush my own teeth and dress myself.

There is no Rosie housemaid or a vacuuming robot (though if I was rich enough I could have a Roomba)

Where is the Indestructo suit, that protects you from everything and never needs washed?  In fact, to wash it, would destroy it.

The car that I can drive 5500 mph in without worrying about getting a ticket?

Being able to take a pill for all meals and not have to stop to shop, menu plan or cook?

The automatic sliding house door that means I never have to repair another door knob, after I run into it so hard, I break it off?

Yup, George Jetson, you’re a liar.

And we’re through, just in case you hadn’t figured that out yet…


5 thoughts on “That Lyin’ George”

    1. Yes – I guess with Skype, Mr. Spacely could call and chew me out in my own home…thank goodness we still have the freedom to ‘Don’t accept call’ rather than the screen lowering from the ceiling and hearing “Jetson! You’re Fired!” 🙂


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