The Jinx

Okay, really this is supposed to be titled “The WordPress Jinx” but I was afraid I might be suspended in case someone with blocking powers read the title and not the post…

One week ago, today, I boldly blogged that my book, Inheritances, was entering the final stage…I offered it for sale at pre-published discount to my WordPress Brethren and decided during the week the red-pencil, typo-spotting angels had it, I would garden, get my house reorganized (and repaired – News flash, new caulking blog coming soon!), landscaping projects done, etc., etc….

I was going to take a week off from writing/reading and really get caught up on the rest of my life…

First thing was software malfunction interfering with output modalities,  meaning final copies didn’t make their way to all my red pencil angels.  Then my spin dryer for laundry broke and the new one shipped to replace it was DOA.

The child-unit suffered a back injury and then some stomach bug, the mammoth sunflowers I started weren’t getting enough light from my south facing window because it’s MAY and still cold enough I shouldn’t risk putting them outside – hence, they got so long legged they finally fell over and died from the effort of trying to get enough sun.

I found out that my landscaping plan for raised beds next to stucco house won’t work as planned, ran into the bathroom door knob with my arm so hard it gave me a black bruise the size of a fifty cent piece with a knot below it and broke off the door knob (well…not broke it off, rather knocked it off because of loose screws…I’m not saying which screw was loose), then ran into the sturdy doorknob of the bedroom so hard, my hip nearly came out of joint…and…and…

Apparently, if I don’t spend at least 4-5  hours reading and writing at WordPress each day, my life turns to crap – really the only conclusion I can come to.

And so, after one day of throwing myself into life apart from the computer and 6 days spent wondering what the heck is going on, I’m now behind on my reading, have only a few short posts to show for the week and am behind on my publishing deadline because the red pencil angel who was actually an English teacher for 30 years or so, was the one who didn’t get a copy before computer malfunction.

My house is somewhat clean, but still disorganized, the landscaping project has come to a complete halt while I reconfigure the master plan to allow “breathing space” for stucco walls and as long as the printer doesn’t decide to mutiny, my manuscript will soon be in the hands of one who will actually catch all errors…

So, in hopes to break the curse, I logged in tonight and read and commented and posted – and still only made it about 1/8th of the way through the WordPress To-Do List…

After a day of undoing some of the landscaping I had started, and wondering just what, exactly, I did to insult the whole time-space continuum, I’m tired, I’m disheartened and I’m ticked…

Who the heck decided to spell continuum with two u’s??!?   It should be continuim…Just saying…

But, tomorrow is another day and I guess I’ve learned my lesson – –

While the full moon and annular eclipses may cause some issues, the thing to really know is…

WordPress does not like you taking a week off!

P.S. – Thanks for listening – Deep Breaths – I feel better now…

P.S.S. For those who believe paganism and religion is a bunch of silly superstition – this – This Right Here – is how it starts – a topsy-turvy week…

P.S.S.S. On the bright side, I did remember to call my mom today, even though I mistakenly called her last week to do the whole “Happy Mother’s Day” spiel


11 thoughts on “The Jinx”

  1. I think the lesson to be learned is not to leave WP all at once. Just … back… away … slowly…
    Keep smiling 😀 Things are bound to turn around now!


  2. great post and quantum physics cannot lie ( maybe it can be silly sometimes ! ) glad you have regained your balance. sometimes I wonder if I spend too much time here at WordPress, but I feel freer, lighter, and I even lost a few pounds 🙂

    a creative spark is priceless and I think it has to be nurtured.

    peace, litebeing


  3. Wow! WordPress is indeed all powerful. I always suspected, but now I know for sure. Wishing you much success with your book and all else, including rogue door knobs.


  4. this made me laugh. i know how you feel! in just a short time, wordpress has become a staple in my life, and i feel very ‘off’ when i’m away for even a few days!


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