Epic Awesomeness

Dear Cranky has nominated me for the Epic Awesomeness award – thank you so very much.   In order to keep from writing an Epic Novel (as I’ve done previously when so blessed by a nomination) I’m going to attempt short/sweet…okay, I’ll try to keep it under 2,000 words – –


Cranky is really quite lovable when you get to know her.   She’s rather like the neighbor that yells at kids to put their coat on and keep off her lawn but always has the bowl full of king size candy bars at Halloween and winks and whispers, “Oh, take another – your mom won’t care.”

I’ve also been greatly gratified at all the wonderful bloggers I’ve found through the Cranky link -and who have chosen to visit me from her pages – so if you enjoy what you read here, you might want to visit her and click on those from her circle – it will be a fun journey, no doubt about it.

So here’s the 2, ” To-Do’s”  in order to display Epic Awesomeness

1. Tell 10 Epic/Awesome tales about yourself.

1. I once removed an air filter, shook out the weeds crammed into it while doing figure 8 donuts backwards in a front-wheel drive car in a pasture, (my own version of crop circles) poured water on it, shook it out again, re-installed it and made it back to town/mechanic – I only learned later you never, ever, ever, use water to flush out an air filter.  Worked for me and that, my friends, is why you never say never.

2. While dispatching for the State Patrol, I once said “Condom” over the open air waves – remind me to tell you the story sometime.

3. Was threatened with losing my FCC license when I was a midnight drive DJ,  because I aired a news story about a government mess up and then segued into a Restless Heart song by saying, “And here’s another ‘Tender Lie’ …”

4. I never once, in 15 years of restaurant work, spit upon or otherwise sullied anyone’s food.  I did, however, often use the walk-in freezer as my personal “cuss & scream” room.

5. I can’t sing my way through Country Bumpkin without getting choked up and/or crying.

6. I can sing “Bingo” in multiple music genres – classical, operetta, grunge, modern country, twangy country, hard rock, pop rock and rock ballad.  (You know, “there was a farmer had a dog…” )

7.  I love to sing, but still haven’t gotten up the nerve to do karaoke.

8. I once drove from Paducah, Kentucky to Limon, Colorado, straight through, by myself.   Apparently, every time I hit towns where I could stop for the night, the street lights woke me up and by the time I was half-way cross Kansas, it just seemed silly to waste money on a hotel room.  Oh, to be young again.

9. If I start writing first thing in the morning, I’m still in my t-shirt, sweats and hand-me-down sweatshirt when supper time comes around.

10. I was never Daddy’s Little Princess – I was too much of a tomboy and he was too practical –  but I’m my Father’s Daughter and he’s still my hero.  And the highest compliment ever paid to me for the effort of doing all the girl stuff you need to when dressing up for special events, a date or your wedding is still,  “You look real pretty, Sis.”  Apparently, my dates and husband didn’t understand just how much effort I had put into dressing up.  Dad did, because we only had one bathroom – – what a patient man…

2. Nominate 10 Epic/Awesome bloggers and let them know how Awesome they are.

My “Blogs that I follow” list has been growing by leaps and bounds – Here’s some new additions to my reader and I hope, yours:

There are days when all I want to do is look at the beautiful – for

that reason, I follow and nominate these for Epic Awesomeness…

DaVida Nature Photography –
This gal takes photography to a whole new level.   🙂  Always a soothing balm on my spirit whenever I visit her.

Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary
I really like her articles, but I have to confess, her blog design and artwork widgets are so wonderful, I would’ve have followed, whether I liked what she wrote or not.

The ART of Life
Upbeat philosophy coupled with beauty in all it’s forms – What’s not to like?

Wildersoul Colouring Book
Yay!  I can color again!  Where’s my crayolas?

Litebeing chronicles
While there’s always a story to go with, the pictures here just lift my spirit, all by themselves, AND then I get to be inspired by the words!

While I really like the pictures here, you actually get some author/marketing advice to boot!  What a bargain!

Universal Cosmic Conscience
Visit, view and just feel the stress trickle out your toes…

Then there are days when I like to think I’m not the only one who sits around musing about life, myself and the world I inhabit –

Fresh, honest and confiding, I like the musings and the accompanying photos.

Duck? Starfish? but …23
A treasure trove of a variety of topics and always enjoy my visits here.

Poetry – for some reason, I’ve been attracting and then visiting several poets –

Memoirs of a Dragon
Words that reach deep and illustrations that wow –

Some Call It Red
A dancer who also writes poetry – always good for a laugh to start your day off with.

Happy, Awesome Reading!

25 thoughts on “Epic Awesomeness”

  1. Congratulations! 🙂 Love your 10 awesome things about yourself, And to Number 7, I confess, I love Singing, but avoid Karaoke like the plague, but did get roped in to accompany my sister at a her Birthday Party!…. Never Again! …

    Many thanks for your nomination and for the compliment you have paid me… Sending Love and Gratitude..


    1. And thanks for sharing the story about karaoke – I had contemplated doing so this year (as I had changed my vow ‘will do before I’m 40′ to “will do before I die’)
      Crossed it off the list after reading your reply – if it happens, it happens, but no longer a goal..


  2. Congrats to you! and thank you so much! I’m grateful to be thought of by such a creative and talented writer. 🙂 And you should definitely do some karaoke, it is a blast!


  3. Wow..you did an epic job on this! Thanks so much for the kind words. Now, you HAVE GOT to tell those stories about “the condom” and “tender lies.” I can’t wait!

    Also, the freezer? Been there..done that! Thought I was the only one! Love your posts..keep em coming!


      1. thanks, I love awards, but agree that so many don’t accept them because of the effort involved. great idea of yours ( no surprise there!)
        where’s your award cabinet? I don’t see it lol


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