The Sunshine Award – Part Deux

4736254981_2bbacf7853_mMvschulze nominated me for the Sunshine Award – if you enjoy the beauty of photos with accompanying observations, then “Stream of Thought observations, images, and more” will delight!

Since I’ve received it once before, I’m going to not write the great American novel again by answering the questions, but instead give you a list of those who enrich my days, educate me and make me laugh.  I picked these bloggers, specifically because they not only blog, but also are great conversationalists, via comments!   They are the ones that have brightened my day with sunshine, through their work and comments.

I must also admit, I probably get away with not Facebooking or Twittering because these grand folks take the time to visit!

Thank you, all!

Julian Froment’s Blog


Heru’s Light

What I’m Up to Today

Jixi’s Life Leaf of Humor, Poetry & Free Verse

The Mother of 9

Encaustic Art your House

Morning Story and Dilbert

Anna Cull Illustration and Design

Hmm… Okay ….looks like maybe the questions are different…so here goes:

Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Animal: Wild – Big Cats  Domesticated – Dog
Favorite Number: 13
Non-Alcholic Drink: There’s such a thing?
Alcholic Drink: Beer, and watered down wine and White Russians without the vodka, because I get really silly on vodka…
Facebook or Twitter: Neither – why isn’t WordPress an option?
Passions: Sustainability, expanding horizons and doing whatever is right in front of me or needs doing…
Giving or Receiving: My grandmother always asked which was more blessed, to give or to receive.  And when you responded, “To Give”, she’d say, “Then quit trying to do me out of my blessing – here, take it.”  So I try to be a generous giver and gracious receiver – blessings need to make their way round this world.  🙂
Favorite City: I’m not a city girl, so this one is hard – Denver has awesome and many museums, Colorado Springs has Garden of the Gods and Fargo’s Pizza – – I guess just pick anything in Colorado and I’ll find something I like about it!
Favorite TV show:  Law and Order, the original – not the spin-offs…

19 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award – Part Deux”

  1. So kick ass…my favorite number 13 too. and oh yes wordpress is an option. Facebook and Twitter doesn’t really give you visit stats, and wordpress is your world and more personal so of couse, wordpress is a great place for readers and writers to connect….YIPPIE. 🙂


  2. Congratulations and thanks so much for the nomination. I’ve just posted my version of an acceptance speech on my Blog Awards page. And I agree that WordPress should be an option (alongside Facebook and Twitter).


        1. Fantabulous! 🙂 Not that I disapprove of the other awards, but sometimes, it’s just nice to get a gift without strings attached.


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