Because You’re Fantabulous Award

I must admit, I got nominated for awards last week when I was taking a break from WordPress AND started having enough problems to be in my “I’m grumpy – might log in to read, but not writing anything” mode.

I’m honored to receive these awards – very much so.  But I absolutely hate having to go through and pick just who to nominate for the pass-on.   I so enjoy getting nominated, but then stew and fret over fulfilling the duties to accept the award – Which bloggers to pick?  Am I portraying their blog in the way they like?  Will they actually have time to follow “Da Rules” for accepting?

So after finishing my two award posts, I decided to be clever and put in the widget that allows me to show you who I like and follow – but that was a bust – the widget only let’s me display 50 – and so much of my list is left out in the cold.

Sigh… WordPress techies, can you fix this, please?


Because the list of those I follow outnumbers my own follows – because there are so many wonderful bloggers out there – because I hate having to narrow nominees down – and because I think there should be one easy to fulfill and display award (I’m lazy – did you get that yet?) I’m announcing the “Because You’re Fantabulous Award”.

This award is to be handed out willy-nilly.  Feel free to award it, tell people you awarded it and give them the link so they can get the artwork for their widget area or awards page.

If the pure lackadaisical nature of this whole system leaves you feeling like you didn’t earn the award, feel free to answer questions or nominate others – but the only rule is:

It is to be awarded to you – not just copy and pasted onto your blog.

Who am I kidding?  I’m not going to police this – if you’re feeling like no one appreciates you and want it for your blog, go for it – – I won’t know…

Have fun, you Fantabulous Bloggers!


Psst… By the way…if I follow you, then you’re already awarded – feel free to display it on your blog!

(I told you I was lazy, right?)

35 thoughts on “Because You’re Fantabulous Award”

  1. your name is still popping up ya know
    blogging awards. Introducing the innovative and creative-
    Fantabulous and Awesome Blossom Awards

    Straight from the heart and mind of Bally Bin, author of

    The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

    Examining the Ordinary and Extraordinary;
    and shared with me by the lovely Melanie, author of

    The Mother of Nine9


    1. Yes, you sure went to town handing it out and I’ve found several blogs this week that have them displayed! So glad to see it making the rounds and cheering people up and so glad you were there when I had my little urp and kept me on the path of good intentions! 🙂


        1. I’ve been up to my neck in alligators with the landscaping project and finishing edits on my book and have not been as proactive in bestowing the awards as you have been – took time out the other day to post a few quick posts – but way behind in my reading, commenting and awarding…
          Me thinks this summer is going to be busy and too short! LOL
          My tomatoes still aren’t in the ground, because the bed isn’t made yet…!


        2. Well, I’ll take blessings however I can get them, but asking the Universe to pause and sow while passing through your neck of the woods – not just blow through like a whirlwind 🙂

          We went from winter to summer here – no real spring – not complaining, we’ve got great moisture, but the lilacs that usually show up in late April or early May are just now making an appearance – and I drove a friend who was getting cabin fever to the mountains on Friday – the aspen haven’t even begun to leaf out in most areas up there – –

          Wondering what kind of summer it will be – shall I chance planting peas/lettuce or wait for August for the second crop time? LOL It will be an interesting gardening year, in my new place, with late season and non-container! 🙂


        3. your place will be beautiful- plant peas and lettuce in the shade? then in August too 🙂

          – this weather is very odd

          we HAVE had warm days and the lilacs are just coming out now but then it gets cold again???


        4. Oh, thank you so much for saying so – – my post-stroke body is still so slow going and my mind chafes at the time it’s taking to get the infrastructure done so I can just ‘putter’ in all my gardening projects – but your words raise my spirits and I look forward again to tomorrow and nibbling away some more at the project…

          The weather has been odd, but having lived in the mountains during the Haymen and Campbell Mountain fires I was so relieved to see snowcap still on the peaks and full reservoirs and mountain lakes – 🙂

          Also, re: the cold weather – Divide, Colorado, used to be the lettuce growing capital of the nation, until the weather got too warm – maybe Mother Nature is trying to stimulate the local economy!



  2. Thank you so very much, I so agree, I am very lazy at acknowledging awards when given, I say thank you and then let them stack up and like you worry I have not honoured them or passed them on… The awards you see at the bottom of my blog I have gone through the process, but I have many in the side lines still awaiting..
    I often break the rules as its difficult for me to choose who to give them too, I say those who follow me is nominated…

    So Many thanks for this one,, I will link the picture award back to your Blog space… Love and Gratitude


  3. I love this. I agree totally with your sentiments. I always find myself stressing and spending ages trying to think who to nominate and what questions to ask and responses to give. Nice, simple and easy. Fantastic 🙂


    1. I replied once, waited, so as not to leave two replies – what is going on with software this week?!?

      Original reply that never got posted:
      “Great! This is what I hoped to accomplish”


  4. LOL Yep~ I love the compliment of the award but that is it. I just am not going to follow the award rule thingy and most bloggers of a year or more concur. 😉

    Congrats though. I would like to thank the Academy.


  5. This is the Best Award Ever! No facts to lay bare about my decisions on who I pick and who I painfully leave behind? Hey, kiddo, I have an awards page and this one is going straight to the top. Thanks for the nomination! And, by the way, put this sucker on your site, because I nominate you back a 100 times over! Love ya!


  6. ahh- freedom.. so hilarious, you have made my day(I am still not in bed!! because I lost time reading) I think you have just hooked a faithful follower, you are a woman after my own heart


    1. Oh thank you so much! I almost didn’t hit the publish button, afraid that this awesome little idea was really just the height of laziness…
      You made my night (morning? OMG! Waaayyy past my bedtime!)


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