Catch Phrases

Here’s my little list of quotes, that people have asked if they can borrow – you’re welcome too, but if they really catch on, remember where you heard it first (which may or may not be here…)

“My mind is a neighborhood which you should never travel after dark or alone in.”

“Life’s too short to spend 40 hours a week at a place you hate.”

“Nobody thinks you’re a hero for working hard – they just think you’re nuts”

“Working Hard and Creatively Producing for 30 hours straight are not the same thing.”

“There’s no fun in Perfection – unless it just happens upon You.”

“I’m funny, but looks aren’t everything.”

(this is borrowed, I’m certain – but not sure from where)

“I’m so far behind, my arse is in front of me.”

“There is a grace and beauty in planning for the future, all while realizing you may never live to see tomorrow.”

“Ah, c’mon now, you can hold on for a little while longer!  Yellowstone’s set to blow any day now.”

“Only Death is certain – if you fail to pay taxes, sooner or later you can be housed, clothed, fed, educated and medically cared for by (other people’s) taxes.”

“I do, because I can.  I do not, because I won’t.”

“It’s never too late to hang out with folks who like you exactly like you are, today.”

“Better to illuminate the world in a short, blinding flash of light, then to smolder endlessly, stinging everyone’s eyes with smoke.”

“Never lock up your food at work – if you don’t believe me, ask Marie Antoinette what happens when the masses get hungry.”

“Evil and Tyranny grow in the fertile ground of Silence and Acceptance that “This is How Things Are.”

“Religion is the heart and Science the eyes through which we try to understand our place in the Universe.”

“You could have been the biggest dork in high school, but if the friends of your kids prefer hanging out at your house, you’re immortalized forever.”

“Never forget the lessons you learned right after something you loved died.”

“Energy is resilient and strong, but Life is fragile and hard.   Try not to make it harder on purpose.”

“Caution!  Artist at work – Move on – Unless the building is on fire – in which case, please knock me out of my Zone.”


And finally, my favorite toast – which is supposedly an Irish toast:

“Here’s to me and Here’s to You,

And Here’s to Love & Laughter.

I’ll be true, as long as you,

Not a single moment after.


6 thoughts on “Catch Phrases”

    1. Yes – one of the most interesting little phrases ever uttered to me by a co-worker was, “How do you think our conversations would go if we instantly created in reality whatever we said?”
      Kept me thinking for awhile and I think that’s around the time I deleted, “Well, Jack-Slap myself – why didn’t I think of that?” from my repertoire


    1. Fantabulous! I love those kinds of experiences – I like to raise one eyebrow, pan the room and mentally spout off, “What? You’re not laughing too?!?”


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