Girly Girl

If you’re just getting to know me then you won’t know, I’m short on the Girly Girl gene.   The time, expense and energy it takes to do nice hair-do’s, dress chic and accessorize appropriately could, to my way of thinking, be spent much more productively.  Much to the chagrin of my Mom.   She loves to take pictures and gets tired of me always opting out, because I don’t want this mess immortalized for all time.

It’s taken nearly 20 years, but she has finally quit worrying that I’m depressed when I fail to ‘do my hair’ for months on end.

But today, she learned something new about me –  I love to have my toenails and feet looking good when barefoot weather rolls around.

We went to town today – to run monthly errands and get landscaping supplies.  I mused out loud if there might be time for me to get a pedicure, if I could find a place that wasn’t too exorbitant.   She exclaimed, “But why?  You’re just going to get your feet all grass stained and dirty..!”

Annoyed at having to justify my one luxury (after my beer budget, of course), I snipped, “Because that’s the one girly girl thing I do, it’s my one indulgence each year – to have someone clean up the mess I let go all winter.  And I may rant and rave about how much money people spend on clothes, jewelry and grooming supplies, but having my toesnails painted and my heels scrubbed makes me feel pretty and sexy – even if the rest of me is a wreck.”

She absorbed this fact in shocked silence – – for nearly 5 miles….

I surprise people sometimes.


Turns out, I decided to spend my pedicure budget on landscaping supplies – when you’re living life on minimum finances, often something has to be cut and today, the pedicure was it.   I’ll work through it myself and wait for my bleeding cuticles to heal when I trim them too close (which is why I prefer professionals in the first place…) and a month from now, my feet will be hardened off enough to walk barefoot across a cactus patch and my hardened off veggies will be growing in a bed that is equipped to protect them from hail and keeps them properly watered without wasting resources.

And while the rest of my foot might look like a Frodo the Hobbit,  my toenails will shimmer like gloss, painted in my signature “I’m Not Really a Waitress” shade of burgundy…


13 thoughts on “Girly Girl”

  1. My favorite toe color is bright red – and I am with you on this one! And as I have gotten older, at least within my circle of male friends, all that makeup stuff and primping – they really don’t care! One friend has even suggested women go all girly girl to impress other women, not the men. Nice post!


  2. [BIG sigh] Thank Gawd!
    Wonderful post and wonderful comments.. all I definitely relate to..
    Ano’ai kou alahele.. May your way be blessed


        1. No, you are not – and by us loudly declaring it, many others will let out a huge sigh and say, “Thank Gawd! I’ve been doing this !#@$ for years and I’m finally going to give it up!



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