The Midden
The Midden

The great landscaping project has commenced.   First, all left-over globs of stucco and concrete left by previous owner improvements, must be picked up.   Then weeds pulled in areas that contain something I actually want to keep.   All this ‘stuff’ must also find a new home.

Since the little ‘big enough to house a Model A Ford’ shack has been slated for retro-fitting as a greenhouse, and since it contains a low spot behind it that houses rusty nails, bits of wire and all kinds of other things that probably go a foot deep or more, the buckets full of ‘clean-up’ waste are being unceremoniously dumped to level out the spot, which will then be leveled, covered with topsoil and planted with water-saving ground cover.   I’m hoping Mother Nature will know what to do with the rusty nails I’m choosing to cover, instead of picking up.

I now, officially, have my own midden heap.


Originally, I planned on sorting through my coin jar and tossing a penny in every so often – perhaps for good luck, but more importantly, to mess with some future archaeologist.

If I do this right, then some 2,000 years in the future, some blazing adventurer will be downing shots of whiskey and chain-smoking while filling out his journal for the day:

“July 16th, 2213 – This site continues to fascinate – continued excavations near the suspected greenhouse, only to find increasingly mysterious materials.   Near the top layer, we found a US minted penny, date stamped “1910”  and were excited to date the site, only to discover in the next layer down a US minted penny, dated 2010.   And further down, a 1963 minted coin.

As for the discovery of the vast amount of composted Purpulis Stinkiness remains, it appears the inhabitants of this age had vast access to this cancer and common cold curing plant, but rather than cultivating, it seems it was treated as a common weed.  What kind of ignoramuses were these people?

I find myself pondering all this once the sun has set and I’m alone with my journal and booze.   What can the out-of-sequence dated layers mean?   Could there perhaps be one who has learned to travel through time and visited this site, leaving a trail for me to follow?   My thoughts take flight as I consider what this all could mean…”


It’s a sad, sad commentary on my daily routines that I have plenty of time to think about how to jack with someone 2,000 years from now…

Morgan, The Great Adventurer (aka - Hammin' it up at the Thrift store)
Morgan, The Great Adventurer
(aka – Hammin’ it up at the Thrift store)

19 thoughts on “Midden”

        1. Yes – I was never ‘first on the scene’ except via phone calls and radio waves, but I’ve been accused of soaking up through osmosis that kind of humor as well – – -whatever works to get you through your shift and home to hug your family, I say….


        2. Sometimes humorous writing is less about your intent and more about what frame of mind your reader is in…
          Which means, Miss giggle-puss, you must be in good humour all the time… LOL


        3. ah, my spirit is always joyful- it is a gift which helped me raise nine kids, in poverty with a husband in depression. It is pure gift, not a result of trying. It is deeper than thoughts, underneath emotions, “click” and i am connected to JOY, His Joy


        4. Over the years, I’ve realized that I live in Joy too – but only because life events swirled so impossibly that I finally learned there was nowhere else ‘to go’ 😀 Now, I’m in the place of fashioning a life where I make that the ‘first stop’ instead of ‘last resort’ – –


        5. Yes – I’ve pondered the rock-bottom theory for some time – after the fourth significant loss in 11 months, I sat reeling and trying to regain my footing. At some point in my healing, I realized I would never be the person I was before, because my entire life view had changed. I find that most who I enjoy spending time with now are those who have had major setbacks as well – there is an authenticity and honesty to my interactions with them that feeds my soul. I’ve often wondered if the depth of character I find in those who have walked a rocky path is even possible to cultivate in smooth-sailing waters – who knows? But while I sometimes wish life could have been different, I never wish to relinquish what I’ve learned…


        6. That may be so, but since I’m an ‘efficiency expert’ at heart, I’ve been investigating ways to ‘change’ before being required too….It’s been interesting…


  1. Oh my…We could be great friends. My children and I recently buried a time capsule in our yard that contained a Lady Gaga CD and some various other things I figure may confuse the future generations.


    1. 😀 – I was thinking about a time capsule for the areas that have so much fine debris, it’s just easier to layer garden over than excavate, but then, I thought how much more fun messing with the future recreations of history would be!
      Lady Gaga – – wish I could be around to see how they interpret that! 🙂


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