WorkBreaksMy BS life (Before Stroke – yes, I picked that acronym on purpose) was a picture of a workaholic.   I would work 80-90 hours a week, and moan about how I didn’t have time to do the projects I wanted to at home.

When poor health would force me to stay at home and heal, I would moan about all the time I had for projects, but no money to purchase the supplies with…

In fact, I think my BS life was probably one big whine-fest.

After my son died and before my stroke, I had changed much about how I chose to structure my life.   I was less willing to give  that many hours of my life to someone not related to me – basically, every boss I ever had.   I had spent nearly 30 years killing myself to help others build their empires and I didn’t see that it had benefited me much at all.

I also started downgrading my lifestyle in an attempt to fashion an existence that could be sustained on 20-hour or less work weeks.

BUT…when there was something to do, I still went after it like I was killing snakes – even when there was no deadline or boss to answer to.   I’d push and push until I was physically ill, instead of doing a little, taking a break, then do a little more…

Now, I know better how to pace myself, at least on manual labor projects.

I can still lose myself in front of the computer for 12 hours or more, even though I pay for it the next day – self-improvement doesn’t always come easy.

One helping-hand angel is so much like I used to be – impatient to just get a job done.   I apologized that I needed to stop and rest every so often.   He said no worries, but my frequent, “let’s take a breather and visit” moments probably kept us from making as much progress as he could have if I’d just left him to his own devices.

I will say that ramming dirt into tires is not rocket science – – if I was building a home or retaining wall out of them, then maybe the job would require a bit more perfection, but for my purposes, it just doesn’t take that much fine-tuning.   And ramming/pounding dirt, until you’re out of breath, then leaning back and asking, “Hey, did you ever hear about Belzoni and his discoveries in Egypt?”  and telling the story when someone inevitably answers, “No…”,  is a much finer way to spend a day.

So today, I got 1/2 the mowing done (before the battery powered mower needed recharging), got help moving several cubic yards of dirt and pounded dirt into three tires – – and laughed so hard I nearly went into hysteria when we two ‘noobs’ didn’t pound the surveying stakes into the ground far enough – we did one, walked down to do the other, saw it was crooked and while walking back up to straighten the first one, watched the other stake fall over – –

Don’t ask me why, but I laughed and laughed over that —  Mr. Helping Hand was abashed that he hadn’t pounded the stake in deep enough and commented that it was good that I had a sense of humor (like one stake falling down is some catastrophe and I’m going to complain for the free help?!?  NOT!)

I finally managed to gasp out, “Oh, wouldn’t Bob Villa just have a hoot over my attempts at doing something partially right?” and laughed off and on for another 20 minutes – – wondering if Imhotep, Pyramid Builder Extraordinaire, got his start this way…

I think Mr. Helping Hand was disappointed we only got three tires done before my body and his lack of sunscreen determined the work day was over.   But I’m ecstatic – the project is officially started and I got many a good chuckle in today.

I may not get as much done in an hour as I used too, but I sure enjoy my life a lot more…

5 thoughts on “Breaktime”

  1. Great humor! I do not know why people work 70-80 hours/week, and since I have done the same I doubt I will ever know…but I hope to become enlightened soon 🙂 Enjoy your weekend and coming week!


    1. I worked that way until I no longer physically could – There are those who work it with no ill effects and those that work it because they believe they have too – – and they may.. My priorities changed and now, I first look at how I can cut my living costs, rather than taking on more work! 🙂
      Hope you have an enjoyable weekend as well!


  2. Absolutely wonderful post that had this follower’s jaw dropping between bursts of laughter, as all rang sooo familiar..
    Ano’ai kou alahele.. May your way be blessed


    1. Glad to brighten your day with laughter – – I may chafe against my health induced restrictions at times, but there have also been many gifts I’ve received –
      Which is good, would hate to think that whole mess was for nothin’ – – 😀


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