How not to wrap your car around a telephone pole

Some years ago, I happened across Stuart Wilde’s little pocket books – “Miracles”, “Life was Never Meant to be a Struggle”, “Weight Loss for the Mind”, “The Trick to Money is Having Some” – how can you not love those titles?

Around $5 each, these little pocket books brought me joy over the years and were frequently replaced when I decided someone else needed a copy worse than I did…

But today, while rejoicing in how much my body was able to do before needing rest and resisting the urge to chafe against my current limitations, I was reminded of a line from one of his books, which is paraphrased below…

“Your inner self will send you signals – and if you continue to ignore them, sooner or later, the Universe will conspire for you to get the message.   If you’re really stubborn about ignoring the nudgings from your higher-self, the messages will get louder and more pronounced, until one day, you’ve wrapped your car around a telephone pole.   Why wait for disaster to listen?”

For those familiar with his work and who haven’t given away all their copies of his books, you are free to post the exact quote and I will make the requisite changes.


As I was writing Inheritances, I was again reminded of the wonderful gifts I received from those periods of loss – of how I’ve gotten much better at listening to myself instead of making the Universe wrap me around a tree before I pay any heed.

I try to be better prepared for change now – to not demand things always stay the same.   I hope I never again have a stroke to remind me to slow down, cool down and not take life so seriously – – that I can always do more tomorrow, after a good night’s rest, and if I die during the night, there will be someone who will either finish or take down whatever project I’m in the midst of –

If they aren’t too happy about it, whaddo I care?  I won’t be around to listen to the whining…

5 thoughts on “How not to wrap your car around a telephone pole”

  1. Oh I am so pleased that someone else gives books away when we feel another is in need.. 🙂 I too have these amazing books along with others from Stuart Wilde .. I gave one out recently to someone, ..

    Your words are so true… I ignored my higher-self’s prompting many years ago now.. And the Universe gave me a kick up the proverbial to set me upon the road of my journey.. That Kick was a lesson that taught me so much… As I brought myself back up from the pit of despair I had dug myself in……

    Great Post 🙂 with a Great Message.. I hope your readers take note of those niggling inner voices that are there to help guide us along our journey …

    Blessings ~Sue


    1. Aren’t his pocket books just marvelous for gifting? 😀
      I’ve wrapped myself around the proverbial tree enough times to learn that I really, really, don’t want to do that anymore…


    1. Thank you so very much – running behind on award acceptance posts – but will get them whipped out shortly! Thank you for thinking of me!


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