“Whosoever Asks…”

Today Mr. Rancher showed up to move dirt piles for me with his tractor.   Remember how my little plan of raised beds right next to the house was scrapped because of stucco needing to ‘breathe’?

Well, that meant my lovely new landscaping plan required tires to be placed right where 4-foot deep piles of dirt had been off-loaded – and I’ve been too lazy to go out and move them by hand with the teeny-tiny shovel my outta-shape, post-stroke body can wield for a good 10 minutes before needing a break….

A week or more ago, I sat, discouraged, at the end of a day where health concerns had relegated me to the house and quiet activities, instead of outdoors playing in the dirt.   I cried because if my dad were here, he’d know exactly what I need to do to get the ‘stucco-breathing, properly graded-slope, never-have-to-weed-next-to-the-house-again’ issue resolved.

If my uncle were still alive, he’d have his Bobcat over here in two shakes of a lamb’s tail and I wouldn’t have to shovel/shove dirt around, then use a 6″ level to see how my ‘grade’ is going….

I realized that if I had the brains god gave a goat, I should have bought this house 12 years ago and everything would have been just fine…

Then Mr. and Mrs. Rancher invited the child-unit and I out for dinner and asked me how the project was going.   This was about 4 days after I found out I had to re-do my entire plan.   So I gave them the short version and 30 gripe-filled minutes later, he asked if he and his tractor could help.

Really?   For real?   You’re going to help me with this?


Then two days ago, a client who I help out from time to time with computer aided stuff stopped by to help me identify a few plants and said, “How much do I owe you for all you’ve done for me?  Would you like me to come in and help you?”

Really?  For real?  You’re going to pound dirt into tires with me?


So now, in the space of a few days past my whining to the Universe of those who aren’t here and I wished were (for many more reasons than just landscaping projects), two angels showed up and offered to help.

My heart is not as heavy this afternoon – and my body held out for nearly 6 straight hours of manual labor – Things are finally looking up!

If I didn’t overdo and can walk tomorrow, I’m on my way to getting this project done…

3 Down 2,367 more to go
3 Down
2,367 more to go

9 thoughts on ““Whosoever Asks…””

  1. Love it!
    Now this is what I call community- and community usually springs to life when we give and are in need. If I am completely self-sufficent, I can live like an island unto myself but bartering, sharing, helping and receiving help is what humans crave; we are built for communtity, we are happy in communit with our own inner self, others and God/Higher Power


    1. Yes – sometimes I wonder my stroke was to nudge me out of “I can do everything myself, thank you” mode – that and the fact I always wanted to be a giver, and not a very smooth or gracious receiver….
      I’m getting better at accepting help when offered and saying, “Thank You” instead of, “Oh, you shouldn’t have…”


        1. Remember me commenting about my desire to change, before I was forced too? This is why – – I really don’t want to have a second stroke to learn new lessons – To expensive of a way to learn….


        2. as a speaker said once, “God is so kind that if we do not learn the first time around, He will let us go thriugh the same hard experiences again, and again and again until we finally learn!


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