Visualizing Our Wealth Inequality

Thanks to Data Driven Viewpoints for sharing this powerful and concise Video from the New Economics Institute.
There is a reason I support local resilience, community currencies and sustainability – More than ever, Americans need vibrant local economies, because this trend, if continued, will collapse in upon itself sooner or later – no reason for those who build America to starve when the economic collapse comes.
Plant a garden, or buy/barter from someone who does. Choose well-crafted locally made items for gifts, rather than imported frippery. Find the niches left vacant in your neighborhood and fill the need…
Invest in your neighbors and community, rather than far away companies that do nothing to stimulate your local economy –
The top 20% may have all the money, but guess where the lion’s share of manpower, creativity and ingenuity lies? Yup! We’ve got it and it’s time for us to invest in ourselves and each other!

Data Driven Viewpoints

Wealth Inequality in America

It’s not everyday that a video about wealth inequality goes viral on the internet.
But this myth-shattering video is spreading across the social web, using powerful infographics to make the case that not only is wealth distributed unevenly, but that it is much, much worse than we think.
Here at the New Economics Institute, we are driven by a desire to build a new economy where wealth is distributed equitably. As the video demonstrates, most Americans are on our side. Our task now is to tell the story of a different, more prosperous future and to build the movement to get us there.
After you watch and share the video above, help us grow the movement by making a tax-deductible donation today.
[Republished with permission]

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5 thoughts on “Visualizing Our Wealth Inequality”

  1. Wonderful post, and it seems that people are becoming more aware of their local communities…but then it may just seem that way because I am paying more attention. Distribution of wealth is an issue everywhere in the world, and at some point the system must break.


    1. I believe more people are becoming aware, because the middle class is slowly disappearing – people who 6 short years ago told me the system was fine and I had just had a few bad breaks are singing a different tune now – because their life has been impacted – I’m saddened that most people only choose to listen once their life is impacted directly – hope we don’t have to all be homeless before things change! 🙂


    1. When I first was introduced to information pertaining to local community exchanges it was 2005 and I was so excited to share what I learned – most eyed me with suspicion. But as our nation’s financial system continues to implode, more are getting interested in learning about it – so I’m hopeful there will be enough who are interested to get some semblance of local infrastructures in place before the next financial crisis –


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