It Worked!

About two weeks ago, I discovered that my grand landscaping plan regarding raised beds against the house wouldn’t work, because stucco needs ‘breathing space’. 

I had also been struggling somewhat with the time of year, (as mentioned last post) as well as the fact that my body just isn’t quite healed enough to cash all the checks my mind wrote over the long winter of  dreaming immense plans of just what I was going to do as soon as it was nice outside.

As I was constructing a new landscaping plan, dealing with old memories and trying mightily to love an uncooperative body, we started having daily showers which revealed that the trenches left next to the house by the stucco guys were not a long-term solution regarding keeping the stucco in good condition and water from the foundation.

Everything was put on hold while I searched for a solution.

I tried a variety of different ‘quick-fixes’,  as hiring someone to come in and regrade the entire area around my house was not possible on my budget and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it myself, by hand.  Fortunately, our daily showers weren’t gully washers – Mother Nature was kind enough to let me learn what I needed to through observation and no big water-bailing drills.

I finally decided upon a sharp sloping foot of area, covered with 6 mil plastic, covered with gravel, edged with concrete blocks that are tucked in just shy of where the roof overhang drips water on to the ground, followed by gentle slope out.  

Then I waited for it to rain again.

This morning I ventured outside to find wet ground to the outside of the blocks, courtesy of an overnight shower and, to my immense satisfaction, dry gravel/plastic near the house.

It worked!

While the test area is by no means completely done, and needs refinement, I’m confident enough to go forth with the complete plan, now that I have some data – -The final result will have another tier of earth rammed blocks, a gently sloped garden bed with mammoth and red sunflowers inter-planted, to help shade the west side of the house and the leaf lettuce I’m going to try planting out-of-season – yes, that’s just how adventurous I am.

Here’s a pic of the test work in progress:

Like My Life A Work in Progress
Like My Life
A Work in Progress

Now I only have 96 more feet or so of near-house solution building to go and then I can get to work on the perimeter fence and garden beds –

These past few weeks have felt like nothing will ever go smoothly again – I felt tired, worn-out and overwhelmed – I’m so behind on so many different schedules, my arse is in front of me.

How quickly my mind-set changed,  while viewing wet dirt on the left and dry gravel/plastic on the right –

It truly is the Little Things that make Life grand!


4 thoughts on “It Worked!”

    1. Yes, I’ve gotten marvelous at work/rest periods – I’m just chafing against the work period being 10x shorter than the rest periods! LOL And the fact that my mind concocts plans that are in exact opposite ratios – – 😀


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