Have you ever noticed in a majority of stories, the giant is never afraid of the tiny humans/hobbits/etc., that have shown up?

How is that so?   Giants are always afraid of small things that move faster and have more options for hiding than they do…

Case in point – we have a mouse in the house.   A not-full-grown mouse, which means it has the requisite cuteness that protects all living things through their childhood.  Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any full grown cats or humans running around.

Oh, stop!  I’m just kidding…

I suspect it got here via the doggie door I installed so Oakley has the freedom to come and go as she pleases.   Which, ironically, gives other unwanted guests the same freedoms…

Mice do not particularly bother me – Years of buying in bulk, once a year, mean most of my food stuffs are double-suck-n-sealed, then placed in a plastic bucket.  Mice have so rarely inhabited houses with me that I really haven’t gotten big prejudices built up yet.

Given Oakley’s strange behavior this a.m., I came to the conclusion that something had gotten into the house – hopefully a mouse.

My mind did ponder on the possibility of a snake – which means I would have a heart attack or, if not, be packing a knapsack to hit the open road – leaving all my possessions behind.

And the first person who kindly posts a comment pointing out that if a snake were in the house, I wouldn’t be having mouse problems, will promptly be added to Santa’s Naughty List for eternity – – think carefully before trying to be helpful…


So now, I face a conundrum – I’m not fast enough or graceful enough to gently catch a mouse scared silly by the dog.

I really think it’s against the rules of war to use a mouse trap on a mouse probably not old enough to have the knowledge to evade them.   That’s sort of like sending in a missile launcher to a campful of small boys holding rocks – not really fair, is it?

I can’t put out a large cup with peanut butter in it, to lure them in then move them outside – -Oakley likes peanut butter – and so does the child-unit…

The 5-gallon bucket with 2″ of water in it doesn’t seem right either – I’ve heard drowning is a horrible way to go and what if it climbed in during the night and I, who can sleep through a freight train rolling through the living room, didn’t hear it’s squeaks for rescue?


Work is done for the day – I must come up with a plan…

Oakley- The Wonder Sleuth
Oakley- The Wonder Sleuth


6 thoughts on “Giants”

  1. Havahart mouse traps, Amazon. Sort of like Catch and release. I once did that with several mice, and released them in front of our towns building inspector’s house after he negated a permit I needed.


    1. Oakley had a rough start in life and is pretty protective of her place in the family – I think me adopting a cat would mean walking the Green Mile…


      1. I caught a mouse with an empty (but not rinsed out) Coke bottle once. It was an accident – I didn’t even know I had a mouse in the house until I found its little body.


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