You are born – some stuff happens – You Die.

The End.


Sadly, there have been times when this was my viewpoint.  Because it made for a rather boring and sad existence, I got better at making up stories – Which, in the end, is really what our Life is – a collection of stories.

I think everyone should publish their autobiography – if everyone did, and we were all voracious readers, we’d learn that we are not alone in our travails – that there is worse and better – that those we laud had their less-than-stellar moments and those we despise did a nice thing once or twice, as well.

We’d learn that the strength of the human spirit doesn’t just show up after natural disasters or man-made calamities.   We’d know that courage is expressed every day in the simple form of someone who gets out of bed and does what needs to be done, for one more day, even though they really don’t feel like it and yesterday’s script doesn’t indicate things are going to get any better.

We’d be inspired by those who took a beating and refused to give up.

We’d look at our own lives and not feel so alone in our journey…

Yup – everyone should write their autobiography – there should be a place where they could post their successes and failures.   A community where they meet with like-minded souls to give and receive the rich encouragement that is such a balm on a wounded soul…

Oh, wait, what am I thinking?

WordPress  is already here…

8 thoughts on “Stories”

  1. This is an incredible truth. All too often, if we thought more of the journey others are on, we would recognize that they too are on a path. They too are living, and experiencing life in all its forms.


    1. Wow – this comment sent me onto a 10 minute pondering session – but I have to go with a combo of actress/part portrayed –
      Katherine Ross in Conagher – For much like her, I find myself starting out in a new life, wondering exactly how to make ends meet – I’m hacking a garden out of the wilderness and carrying water by hand – And though I’ve sworn off men, dating and marriage, in my secret of hearts, I sometimes dream of a Sam Elliot/Conagher who is roaming the prairie, reading the messages I send out into the universe for a soul mate that is sentimental enough to wade through tumbleweed patches looking for bits of poetry, knowledgeable enough to fix what needs fixin’ and strong enough to kick some arse when needed…
      Granted – Katherine’s beauty would lend a rather un-biographical note to the pic – but, hey, if I’m wishing, why not wish for the best?
      Thanks for asking – induced me to some soul searching…


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