Universal Playground

Where to Play Today?
Where to Play Today?

The theory of parallel universes has, for the past few years, been my saving grace. The notion of having a new Universe spin-off for each and every possibility, for each and every living thing, means, for the dreamer – Unlimited Life Choices.

There is a Universe where I did convince first hubby to buy that hotel in Victor, Colorado before gambling went in and I happily run the restaurant/bar/hotel while he rescues and restores antiques in his little shop out back.

Or the one where I stuck to my plan and am now living on a ranch in Montana, with a dozen children running around, caring for my homeplace and writing a new book every year.

Perhaps, there is one where my oldest child lives, I’ve won the lottery and we are currently visiting Ireland, as long as I’m willing to go to New York City with him…

And one where we went to Ireland and he decided he wanted to stay there longer, instead visiting NYC –

I can’t help it – I’m NOT a city girl…

A parallel where my Dad is still around, playing the guitar and helping me convert my home to a more sustainable enterprise.


But I also gaze about me and consider what all I might miss if I could instantaneously transport to another Universe – would Oakley, my wonder dog be with us? Would I end up only trading one son for the other? A universe where I work 100 hours a week and still don’t get what is really important? Or the one where I truly did lose everything and wander the streets, homeless, starving, hopeless?

Given the untold numbers of Universes that have spun off to accommodate the roads not taken, I’m thinking probably best to just stay put – – I might just end up somewhere less appealing…

10 thoughts on “Universal Playground”

    1. I’ve learned the hard way – being heavy and serious on important subjects never does me any good…
      What’s that saying?
      “Life is far too important to be taken seriously”


        1. So true – in the past, I poked fun at myself for fear of being seen as arrogant –
          Now, I poke fun at myself, because truly, I sometimes do the funniest things – –
          It’s also funny to see how serious people get in telling you to ‘stop the negativity” – I’m waiting for the day when someone, anyone, shows up and says, “Wow – you’re right – that was silly – I’m going to laugh at your clumsiness too…”


        2. you’re my kind of person.Anyone in a stressful job like surgeons, police, firefighters use “black humour” to cope and keep their sanity. Outsiders would be horrified


        3. True – I spent 15 years in law enforcement – perhaps I absorbed some of the black humour – but there are times when looking at how things could be worse cheers me up more than sunshine, ponies and rainbows do..


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