Hay House World Summit 2013

From June 1 – 10 I will be MIA.

For you see, Hay House World Summit, 2013, is available for listening, Everyday, FREE!  Simply register and listen – or, if you don’t have the time to listen each day, you can still order the full audio set at discounted price.  (I believe the discount runs through June 14th)

Since I have more time than money (for now), I’ll be immersing myself in these wonderful and generous offerings available each day.  With 110 speakers, I’m already looking at projected time budgets and decided, some things must be shifted.

Day One is started, and kicks off with an interview from Louise L. Hay, herself.   One interview down, 11 more to go.

I’m doing this in lieu of a fancy (and expensive) spa retreat.

May your summer start splendidly and I’ll see you mid-month!

Full Disclosure: I believe I saw somewhere at the Hay site a link for an affiliate program – alas, I’m not signed up for it – so you can click to visit with confidence!  This is a non-paid-for-post! 



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