10 Percent

So yesterday sometime, my blog hit 10,000 views.   And a few moments ago, 1,000 likes.

So, I’m batting at 10%.

I have to smile over these stats.   When I first started blogging here at WordPress (2010), there wasn’t the wonderful infrastructure with which to work.   I wrote, and posted on links on Facebook.  Since I was blogging for the pure joy of it, I didn’t ‘market’ my blog at all – just wrote and shared with friends.

I accumulated a whopping 11 email followers.  Daily views tanked when I got irritated and deactivated my Facebook account.  Life started hurtling challenges at me faster than I could keep up with and I quit writing as much.

Then I had the stroke.

Over a year passed and I logged in to say goodbye – my writing was no longer easy and editing was non-existent.    I was too tired to research and craft informative posts.  I had built a website to show case what skills I still possessed and it was time to let old things go.

But when I logged in this past January, I found that people still came to me when they were getting ready to caulk something for the first time – or when they needed to know how to get caulk off their hands.

My dubious posts about how funny I am during nicotine withdrawal were still entertaining others.

As I looked over my stats, I realized that my most viewed posts were not the educational and informational pieces I slaved over – they were quick little, “Hey, guess what I’m doing/thinking today?” ditties.

I wrote a post to say I decided not to delete my blog.

And then I wrote another, and another….

And the wonderful new-to-me infrastructure allowed me to find the work of others and for them to find me.  To quickly build a community that educates, entertains and inspires me.

My writing improved – soon, I was in the flow of creativity that I remembered from before the stroke.   Editing started coming easier and while still not perfect, I’m fixing fewer errors than before.   And catching more before hitting the “Publish” button.

In a way, my blog, long ignored, became my saving grace.

Pretty amazing, for 10%, Eh?


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