The Optimistic Pessimist

Some years ago, I got fed up with the self-help movement – I got tired of hearing, “IF you just do this, it will change your life.”


But I still trucked over and signed up for the Hay House World Summit, anyhoo –

Perhaps something had changed in the years since I visited.

It did and boy, whatย  a great change!

First thing I noticed, was how many of those interviewed said, “This is what I found…this is what worked for me…there is no one thing that works for everyone…”

That’s a huge change – one of the reasons I walked away was because of those gurus who would say, “If it didn’t work, you aren’t doing it right” or “Apparently, you just want to make yourself miserable and you will continue doing so, until you’re ready to stop.”

Um, yeah, maybe so, but that’s not always the case.

Second thing I noticed – there are few of these self-help-guiders that ended up where they are by skipping down the rose strewn pathway.

Most of them found what worked, because Life tripped them up and they couldn’t find the help they needed, so they invented it.ย  There’s actually one author who lost more things in a shorter time period than I did – so yes, I really was inspired to listen to what she had to say.

I must say this kind of interview is so much more helpful than some I subjected myself to, in my previous life.

And so, with optimistic pessimism, I deign to dip my toe into the world of energy, belief, affirmations and such once more.

And I’m grateful for those who chose to make this information available for no more cost than my time…

Thank You!


5 thoughts on “The Optimistic Pessimist”

  1. I am in a healing process, actually for 25 years ๐Ÿ™‚ and I have discovered two keys about the same as you have, I just use different words
    1. cognitive therapy works.
    In a funk, real clinical depression? With or without medication, a person is fully capable of changing emtions by stopping crazy thinking and looking at the true positive facts eg. I can see, a live in a warm house, have enough to eat… and be thankful

    2. That guru WAS right
    There is a root in all of us the feels guilty and subconciously we make ourselves miserable to attone. For me, as a Christian, I call it “stealing Jesus’s job”. Only when we are utterly fed up, only then will our pride let us give up control and accept Jesus, surrendering our misery and saviour complex

    Does this resonate?


    1. I wish you could have heard me laughing as I read #2 – I was raised in the Protestant tradition which has the cliche “God helps them who help themselves.”
      Therefore, I usually run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to do everything I can before I say to the Universe “Okay, I’ve done all I can think of, your turn.”
      No matter how many times I learn this over the years, I still catch myself needing to do the following mantra every hour or so,
      “I’m doing what is in front of me to do – The rest is up to You.”


      Although I had bouts with chronic issues early on (endometriosis and such) I still had periods where I could infuse much physical energy into my life’s projects – – since the stroke, I really feel like the Universe is asking me, “So, have you really learned how to use your faith and mind, or not?”

      Thanks for the reminders!


      1. you and I are cut from the same cloth-
        two of my sayings

        ” God can finally heal me when I give up and get out of His way”

        “When we admit defeat, God has a chance to save us from ourselves”

        looks like a post is coming


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