Thirty Days to a New Me?

The Hay House World Summit is going strong and lasts until June 10th.  And because I seem to be intent on collecting not-so-wonderful anniversary dates around the first of June, I decided to move my, “I’m taking a break from the world” time from the week between Christmas and New Years to the first part of June.

The summit has been informative.   Some days, I get over-inundated and don’t make it through all the interviews (there are 10 or 11 available every day.)

To date, I’ve been reminded of what I already know – learned some new things and heard the latest research in the mind/body connection.  Picked up a few new tips that seem doable, but at some point, had to laugh at myself:

“You know this stuff – why aren’t you doing it?”

Because I still don’t have a lot of strength – because getting through the day and doing just what needs to be done is sometimes all I can do.  Because sitting still, meditating, has never calmed me or made me feel better….

This is why we have Healers – they are the folks that hold the space and do what needs to be done when we are too pooped to do it for ourselves.

Since my nest egg has been blown on local healers and I’m still not back to work full-time, I have to find ways to do it myself.


I picked a few things that I will be doing for the next 30 days – nothing earth shattering or ground breaking – just nice little snippets that I can integrate into my life without wearing myself out.

Do I expect miracles?  No.   Do I hope they show up, anyways?  Yes.

First, I’m fully aware of the “30 days for a new habit” thinking, but I had shoved it back into some dusty corner of my brain, so thanks, Jack Canfield, for reminding me.

So here’s my list of what I’m incorporating, every day – some from Summit interviews and some that I remembered and decided to inject in smaller amounts, throughout the day:

Jorge Cruise’s tip, “No more than 100 g of sugar a day – but don’t count sugar grams – take the carbohydrate grams, times 4, for the count.

I can do this – been doing it for a few days now – am more mindful of how often I grab some gummy bears when my energy starts to lag in the afternoon.   Still reach for them, but only 3 at a time, instead of a handful.    Simply because, I really like croutons on my salad and do you know how many carbs those are?!?   Fortunately, I only need one tablespoon of them at a time!

I also feel so much better about the fact that I’m not back to baking my own sprouted wheat bread every week yet.   Or making all my own soups, from scratch.   I found out that I’ve adjusted to different equipment and lower energy levels fairly decently and so have dispensed with the negative self-talk, “If you’d just eat better….quit whining about being too tired to do big cooking…”

Dispensing with the negative self-talk helped immensely.

As for sugar, haven’t exceeded 100 grams yet.   No signs of feeling deprived.  Usually come in around 65 grams or so.   This is so, so very much easier than counting calories – which didn’t tell me anything, anyways.  I don’t have a scale, so I can only tell you, since the stroke, I’ve moved from size 10 clothing to size 14 – will let you know how it goes.

Jonathan Goldman – Sound Healing

In his interview, he led listeners in the following exercise:

Hold your hand over your abdomen, and sing “ohh” at the lowest, comfortable note, you can – feel the vibration of the note.

Then hold your hand over your chest near your heart area and sing, “ahh” at a mid-note that feels comfortable.

Then place your hand on top of your head and sing, “eee” at a comfortable-for-you high note.

When I did this exercise, I could feel and sing for a long time the ohh and the ahh – but the eee/head one, I couldn’t do for more than a second or two – and I felt very tired with the effort – so I’m figuring, my head is blocked – or I’m a blockhead – either way, nice quick exercise that doesn’t take long and if it helps, great – but no way it’s going to hurt.

James F. Twyman – Affirmation Tip

He took the famous, “I Am That I Am” phrase and added some punctuation marks – try this on for size:

“I Am That,   I Am!”

Nice!   I’ve been looking at all the lovely flowers,

I Am That, I Am!

The birds, the trees, the completed tire fence, the visualized winning lotto ticket…


I’m also doing the breathing/visualization technique I got from shamanictracker, though I’ve not worked my way up to any long meditation time yet – just try to do the deep breaths and visualize throughout the day.

I’ve also started doing the breathing exercises I learned from Dr. Jahnke’s work, years ago.   I do them before I even get out of bed.   Seems to be helping with energy levels for at least awhile in the morning.


Is there something you’ve integrated into your life, based on information you picked up through the Hay House World Summit or other works?  I’d love to hear about it.


8 thoughts on “Thirty Days to a New Me?”

    1. Coolio! These past few years, I’ve tried to only adopt those practices that fit into the day and do not require vast amounts of time/energy to implement – My motto is, if I can do this little bit here, and here, and here, then at the end of the day, I have a whole big bunch of little bits.
      If they work, then they stay in the repertoire – if they don’t, I wait around for another idea to show up. 🙂

      I take sustainability seriously! ROFL


    1. Thank you ever-so-much for the link! I’m still struggling, but gave up trying to ‘think myself’ well by long meditations – I’m breaking it up into smaller chunks – how sad is it that I’m too tired to sit still for 20 minutes without falling over into a nap?? LOL If I lay down, then I fall asleep even quicker – so trying to be kinder to myself during this journey –
      And I can’t thank you enough, EVER for all your support, gifts and encouragement…
      But thank you, anyways! You’re Fantabulous!
      I’m picturing a healthy adrenal/thyroid system, purple trees and “I am That! I Am”


        1. I’m trying to find ways to take the financial stress off – because once it’s gone, then time really, truly, doesn’t matter to me 🙂 In fact, I love time traveling through my days, but hard to stay in that place when $60 is needed by the 15th and I have $26! LOL
          But looks like perhaps some energy arriving in that direction and I can stop pushing so hard.


    2. Good news is, I’m going longer each day pain free, which means doing the breathing exercises is easier! 🙂
      Which I have you to thank for!
      *Big Hugs* to you!


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