I Am Optimistic


Morning Story and Dilbert

I am optimistic about the future of the human race. Now, many of my friends have asked me time and again how I can have such hope for the future in the face of the problems we have today. Hunger, pollution, sickness, inflation, recession, unemployment, wars, and terrorism fill so many hearts with fear.

This world seems to be overflowing with greed, hypocrisy, anger, hatred, prejudice, and intolerance. A better life for ourselves and our children seems for many to be some impossible dream. How then can I be so optimistic?

My optimism comes from looking into the hearts and souls of all the people I see every day. I see a little boy, holding open a heavy door for an elderly man walking with a cane. I see a young mother, with a baby in her arms, buy an extra box of macaroni in the store and put it…

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