Signs, Part 4,389

signsantelopeI’ve written about signs before – so many times, I’ve lost count.   It occurred to me that I’ve never told you why I started believing in signs in the first place…

You might think it was my early encounter with Ms. Taurus-Lotsa-Fun, who introduced me to the world of astrology.

Or the fact I was raised in the Protestant religion – pray and you always get an answer – even if it’s not the one you want.

But actually, though I was introduced to the concepts of Signs early and often, I didn’t really start paying attention them until I was 30.    Gut feelings/Intuition was a no-brainer – but any -ology saying ‘If such and such shows up, it means such and such’ was seen by me as “Superstition”.

Then, shortly after I turned 30, with a six-month old baby and scars/healing/no energy from massive surgery done three months before, I plopped down on the couch at my neighbor’s house, and heard his exclamation:

“WOW!  You are BLUE!  What’s going on?”

“Nothing – thank goodness – and if it were, I’d be too tired to do anything about it.   What’s it all for, anyways?”

There’s a reason why depression and the color blue are linked, I’m thinking…

As we talked, we worked around to the topics of AskingForHelp-ology and Sign-ology.

I choked out,

“The only prayer I ever make is that when the message is given to me, ‘May I not be too stupid to get it’.”

Which took us down the why-would-you-ever-be-so-hard-on-yourself  and trust-your-inner-voice pathways.

After that conversation, I understood that my intuition and seeing “Signs” were the same thing – just different ways of connecting.  With my intuition, I used my body and feelings to better navigate the world around me.   Signs were just an external way of reminding me what I needed to be telling myself.

Sometimes, I’ve misinterpreted the signs.

crowFor instance, for weeks before Morgan died, crows were everywhere.   Not a big thing, as they abounded near where I lived and worked.   The odd thing was there was always a crow standing near my car when I left for work, arrived at work, left work and arrived home.    It seemed that every day the same crow was there to greet me as I commuted back and forth.

I was excited.   I had given my notice at work and was neck-deep in a creative project with a friend.   Things were looking up!   Crows mean change and I was tingly all over realizing I was about to embark upon a magical journey of transformation in my life.

Needless to say, hindsight has proven that yes, transformation was in the air, just not in the pleasant manner I had envisioned.


Which brings me to these past few days – There is an antelope who stands stock still and looks at me every day I drive out to do the neighbor’s chores.   I’m sure it’s the same one.   Antelope abound here, too – but this is different.

This lone antelope stands still and I feel the pressure of its’ gaze the entire time I drive by.

Since I’ve smartened up some these past few years, I have on my shelf Animal Spirit Guides by Dr. Steven Farmer (who I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting in person).

After a few days of Mr. Antelope showing up (yes, they are always Mr., Ms., Miss, Uncle, Aunt, Grandmother – – I just pick what feels right) I decided I’d best be finding out what the message was, because I am sure there is one – –

And here’s what I found that spoke volumes to me:

Courtesy Animal Spirit Guides by Dr. Steven Farmer:

If Antelope shows up, it means:

Whatever your heart’s desire, make a clear and firm decision to begin it, and then go for it with gusto.

Whatever you’ve begun, follow through and finish it as quickly as you can.

You’ve been spending too much time in solitude and need to seek out the company of friends.

Call on Antelope when:

You feel sluggish and lethargic and want an extra charge of energy.

You feel blocked or stymied in your efforts and need to take action in order to get things moving.

You’re starting a new project or job, or else you’re approaching a new phase of your life.


I’m clear now – I’ve let myself get overwhelmed and something has got to give.   It’s summertime.   Garden and landscaping projects time.    The timetable for my book, Inheritances, has slipped from mid-May to July, due to a myriad of factors – new chapters written to be woven in and Life events that mean my main grammarian’s red-lining has been interrupted.

I’ve learned it’s best not to mess with signs.   There is nothing stopping me from working on my landscaping projects, but there have been several signs this past week to indicate if I keep pushing on getting Inheritances out, I may well regret it later.

So the decision has been made – Winter time is for writing, quilting and website building.  Summertime is for landscaping and building a future Market Garden spot for my community.

Inheritances publication has been pushed out till next Winter (I’m thinking November time frame) and I’m going to plunge with gusto into my outdoor paradise building – for as long as my little body can hold up.

Thanks so much to all who have pre-ordered.   If you don’t want to wait till November, feel free to contact me for a full refund.   If you don’t mind waiting, thanks again, ever so much for your support!

8 thoughts on “Signs, Part 4,389”

    1. I had heard the same – from folk and family lore – but I also learned that they are indications of change in the wind – perhaps because so many, so often, view change as a bad thing, is why they are seen as agents of bad news! You know me, always try to make up the best story possible! So I’ve tried to rewire my brain to label crow appearances as ‘transformation coming’ ! 🙂


      1. I think 2013 year is very much a transformational year … So much of the unexpected happening 🙂


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