Rose Colored Glasses

Rose, No, Blue, No, Rose glasses
Rose, No, Blue, No, Rose glasses

This morning’s muse compliments of my own pondering resulting from the suggestions for a new nickname for the child-unit.

Some suggestions made me insta-aware of previous experiences and reasons why I assiduously avoid various terms of affection.

Which got me to thinking about the various glasses we wear during our journey here on Earth.

“Fully equipped with our own sets of values, of which we are largely unconscious, we sally forth in the world and automatically see behavior with glasses colored by our own experience” – Customs and Cultures by Eugene A. Nida, 1954 edition

I’ve spent my lifetime trying to understand the various pairs of glasses I’m aware of having on – where did I pick them up?   Why do I continue to wear them?  Are they really me?

I’m also always on alert to discover the pairs I didn’t even know I owned…


I was introduced to the world of personality typing early on – Astrology, Numerology, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram and a host of others.   I love taking quizzes.   I appreciate getting the skinny on me from someone else.  “It’s all in the perspective” is my motto and new information to sift through rarely hurts.

Getting new information often opens my eyes to blind spots or draws attention to sunglasses I’m wearing and completely unaware of.

(Some self-help circles refer to this as the IDKIDK area – “I Don’t Know (that) I Don’t Know”, which, according to Mark Twain is absolutely the worst and most dangerous zone to live in…)

I re-visit these tools often, because it’s my goal to be as inconsistent to my ‘type’ as possible – –

Case in point – I took the Enneagram test again the other day – I had high but close, scores in five different numbers.   Up from 3 last time.  This could indicate a certain lack of honesty or wishy-washiness –

I choose to believe it means I’m broadening my horizons…


While I may still be an ENFP according to Myers-Briggs – the results are not so off the charts as they used to be.   I’m learning to explore my ISTJ side…  Perhaps being married to not one, but two (count ’em two!) ISTJ’s is what helped.

(Yes, I managed through pure dumb luck to hook up with (yes, one at a time) the two men in the whole world that couldn’t be more different from me if they tried on purpose – what are the odds? One  a Cancer – the other a Pisces – Nice cascades of water to extinguish my roaring Leo – I’m quite the chooser, eh?  I admit, I might have caused them a bit of dehydration during our time together, but honestly, it was in self-defense!)


Over the years, I’ve attracted a host of Capricorn Bookkeepers to my Leo Entrepreneur self, as well.  Which is just plain silly, because I’m perfectly capable of doing accounting all by myself.

On a good day, they challenge me to see the world from a completely different view – on not-so-hot days, they drive me insane.

The long list of Scorpios who have invaded my life is an interesting one – and I believe my injuries from their poisoned stings way outweigh any burn marks I left on them.

But I now seem to be entering a different phase of life – – My circle appears to be reinventing itself to  include more people like me – or at least the me I hope I am…

People with a sense of humor and an understanding that while values may be instilled in black and white, the real world rarely is – –

Those who laugh with me when I share the horrors of a pair of glasses I’m trying to get rid of, instead of telling me how awful I was to have put them on in the first place…

Others who appreciate perfection in the moment, but are less strict about what, exactly, defines perfection.

I find my ‘circle’ evolving into one that defies labels – that I can’t pin down and don’t even think about confining – which is grande!   I find myself showing up just to see what appears and wonder of wonders, those who arrive seem perfectly content with the version of Me that woke up this morning and donned one of my many pair of shades.

But most of  all, I’m getting to meet people who, rather than berating my current glass collection, are instead offering,

“That’s what you see?  Really? –   You wanna trade glasses for the day?  That could be interesting…”

This is not new – – rumor has it that centuries ago, there were those who chose to trade moccasins every now and again.


15 thoughts on “Rose Colored Glasses”

        1. Once in awhile, I repost ones from my early days before the wonderful WordPress reader/search tools – – especially if they are old and I’m getting ready to refer back to it in a new post.


        2. To each is own and I never insist someone looks great when they inform me they’re having a bad hair day – but I enjoyed the flow of it! 🙂


    1. While I try to be compassionate and full of empathy, at this point in my life, I would not deign to ask anyone to walk in my moccasins or trade with me – that’s just mean! LOL – But I’ll let you know when things get better and walking in my moccasins means all-day-parties and lots of fun, -k-? 😛


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