My Dad, My Hero

Dad and me by the Horseshoe Court
Dad and me by the Horseshoe Court

I’ve shared various stories regarding my Dad – (The Story of Dick, Harold and the Snake, Musical MemoriesMedical Practitioners and Master Plumbers) but today, I’m hoping the Universal Wi-Fi cafe is open and he may be able to log in and get a message from me.


Good morning, Dad.  How are you doing?   I’m not doing so hot today, because I miss you so much.

I finished watching the Civil War documentary series by Ken Burns again recently as well as The Revolution and Founding Fathers.   Wish you were here to watch them with me.

Early trip to Colorado
Early trip to Colorado

You would have to laugh – my new neighbor has a St. Bernard called A.P. after Confederate general Ambrose Powell Hill Jr.   They were impressed that I knew who he was – turns out, they are fifth generation relations.   You probably would have enjoyed chewing the fat with her.

So much has happened since last Father’s Day.   Me and the boy really love our new little home and though I struggle to learn all I need to in order to upgrade the place, I wanted you to know I fixed the toilet from clogging up, the kitchen sink from leaking and avoided disaster when the pipes froze last December, all because of what I learned from you.

You always made me laugh
You always made me laugh

I’m building a perimeter fence and garden beds from old tires.   I also have slated a solar outdoor cooker plan for this year.   I hope it works – I designed it after reading all the books you left me.

I got to visit a Earthship built home last year – Mikey is really nice and if you get a chance, take a gander at his home. I imagine it’s rather like what you would have built if you had had the chance.   And if you have the ear of the Big Guy, can you ask that Touch the Earth ranch be spared from the Black Forest Fire?   Thanks.

You taught us early and well
You taught us early and well

It’s hard, this living in town.   But it gets the boy close to activities and gives Mom and I both our own little space.   She’s doing good and I’m close by to help with what she needs and have a place for her when the snow gets bad – so not to worry, she’s not driving in blizzards!

Remember the gas station we used to stop by after work when I was little?   I’d have a candy bar and you two would visit over a beer?   He’s still alive and kickin’.   He stopped by the other day and we had a nice chat, over a beer and he gave me loads of gardening advice.

There are days when I would give anything for you to be here, just for an hour or so.   There are so many things I know you could answer for me – is the sloped grade from the house I built adequate?   Is the outdoor hydrant really leaking underground or not?   Would it be okay to tie into the main kitchen water line to install an external water spigot? What would be the best short-term solution for the roof?

What are these nifty little iron thingees I found in the little shed out back?   Is that chain hanging from the rafters an engine hoist or butchering hook?  Will whitewash work on the tire fence?   What’s the safest way to chainsaw down the dead tree in the yard?  The previous owner used caulk on the tile work in the bathroom – can I just re-caulk, or should it really be done with grout?

When the Homeplace was new to us.
When the Homeplace was new to us.

There are folks showing up in my world that help with these things.   You’d be amazed at how many people it’s going to take to fill the knowledge gap you left behind.   And I’m grateful they are arriving.

But they’ll never be you and I can’t wait to be with you again.   Did you, Uncle Bob and Morgan get my solar house and green house built already, just waiting for me to arrive?

Well, enough about me.   Ask the barkeep at the local watering hole if I can start a tab – if he says yes, please treat yourself and the others to a beer on me.    I’ll settle up as soon as I get there.



Your Last Plumbing Job - It's Still Working Great!
Your Last Plumbing Job – It’s Still Working Great!

23 thoughts on “My Dad, My Hero”

  1. What a wonderful, beautiful post. Your father may be gone from physical form, but I’m sure he’s still with you. And I’m glad you cherish the time you had with him, because I grew up without a father and can’t actually imagine how wonderful your relationship with him was!


    1. There are times a comment touches me deeply and yet, I’m at a loss for the words to say – yes, my time with Dad was wonderful and I’m saddened that was an experience you were denied during your childhood.
      My Dad first viewed Colorado while traveling through on his way from Ohio to California (his brothers had gone before him and wrote home of wonderful work opportunities). He always said he felt he had arrived ‘home’ the first moment he viewed the open plains of Colorado. His life became focused on moving to Colorado as soon as he could, where he would spend the rest of his life.
      You, too have felt the pull and I can’t wait for you to get here, as it is only fitting that all Colorado family members find their way Home! 🙂


      1. I agree, and he sounds like a man after my own heart!

        As far as my not having a father… it’s a strange ordeal. My parents divorced when I was about 5, my mom remarried and I was adopted by her husband, but he WAS NOT a father. Meanwhile my father lived half a block away but basically disowned me after signing the adoption papers. I never really felt mad at him or hated him, it just was the way it was. My grandfather was the patriarch, the rock of the family and he passed away in ’95 I think. But again, while I was sad, I didn’t feel like he was gone and it felt like it was time for him, but he was certainly the only positive male role model in the family, lol. Plus, if my brother hadn’t already been born, I would’ve sworn that he is my grandfather reincarnated! I’m most sad that my little brother didn’t get to spend more time with him and that my Jordan never got to meet him! But I’m sure he’s on the other side telling joke after joke and story after story as only he could!

        I grew up with a super strong connection to my mother and siblings and played a protective role in the demise of my moms second marriage my senior year of high school. So while I never got to have that father daughter relationship or experience… I also don’t know what it’s like so I don’t feel any particular longing for it. I think it did lead me into some messed up early relationships, but I wouldn’t give up the lessons I learned in the process as I now the kind of relationship with my Jordan that most people only dream of having!

        Now I just need to take that man home to Colorado with me, the horses, and the dogs! 🙂


        1. I had a fabulous Dad and ended up in some messed up relationships, usually because no one could compare with the example he had set… 🙂
          When I was in high school I read a young adult novel titled “Honey” – in it, there was a supportive character that talked about the mother pie – I paraphrase:
          “You can’t get all that you need from just one person – you’d like to wear them out! As you go, you collect a little slice here and a little slice there and sooner or later, you’ve got what you need – that’s a Mother Pie”

          I think there’s too much emphasis given on blood ties/missing parents nowadays in relation to health – My grandmother was farmed out to relatives when she was 2 because her dad was killed young and her mother remarried (about the only options in those days) to a man who didn’t like children. She was raised by aunts, cousins and grandmas and moved from house to house, but was one of the kindest, most well adjusted people I’ve ever known.

          So sounds to me like you formed a Father Pie and rest assured, there is a community of like-minded folks here in Colorado and elsewhere that would love to have you as part of their ‘Family Pie.”

          I’ll close with a quote that’s been used by many a guru and comedian:
          “Friends are God’s way of making up for your Family.”



        2. Hahaha, I love all of those quotes, and I agree, we’re all here for each other, family is often overrated in certain aspects. My high school art teacher was like a father to me I have my senior gift from his (as he gave a different one to each graduating class) was a screen print, which I have hanging on my wall in the kitchen. And guess, JUST GUESS what it is of…

          It’s a scene from Colorado titled “Midday on the Continental Divide” I didn’t even notice until just the other day and I was thought OH. MY. GOD. I really need to write a post about this man, because he’s such an incredible individual and played such a big role in my making it through high school!


  2. This brought tears to my eyes, as I swallow hard as you allow us a glimpse into your life with your Dad and your I recall my own Dad and the old photo’s…

    I am certain he is reading in the Universal internet Cafe.. although I think he would be saying you still have a while before you can buy him that cup of Coffee.. 😉

    Love and Hugs


    1. 🙂 There were times during my stroke and shortly after when I thought perhaps it would not be so long, after all – but every day it seems further away as I grow in strength – but it comforts me to think of the time when we can once again sit together and visit. 😀


      1. Oh you will…… have no doubts on that…and I had no idea of your stroke.. So well done on your recovery.. But I have also come to know what we think we attract.. so dont be too hasty in the reunion LOL…

        Here’s to your growing strength, May you grow stronger day by day… 🙂


        1. Thank you, very much – Being well enough to start working on outdoor landscaping/gardening projects (though work increments are short) and getting to a point where I feel confident in my writing ability again have really helped to keep away the negative thought patterns I struggled with during the early days of recovery, when I thought I may never be useful, in any way, to anyone, ever again….LOL
          It’s been a journey, but still trundling along in hope!


        2. I would say the only way is UP! so keep climbing my friend…. One step at a time… Sounds like you have had quite a climb… But your spirit shines through… And will see you scale to new heights.. 🙂
          love and blessings


  3. What a loving father-daughter relationship :). Your dad must have been so proud of you and I’m sure he’ll get your message. Just believe it in your heart….he’s still with you in spirit. You know they were times when I think of my dad who passed away in 2001 and I get goosebumps…that’s when I’ll say to myself – Yes that’s probably Dad standing beside me :).


    1. 🙂 I hear you! There are moments when I feel so connected and close to those who have passed on – I, too, figure that’s my little sign they are checking in on me. 🙂
      A toast – to those who have passed but still look out for us! 😀


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