Help is on the Way!

Last week I reblogged a post from Andra Watkins site, where she invited her followers to introduce themselves and get to know one another in the comments field while she was offline for a few days.

What a wonderful idea and I’m proud to report I have two new blogging buddies from that foray into a new circle!

Today, Andra asked for assistance in helping her friend, Kate Shrewsday (Pitt), in her bid to win the Penguin Publishing Wayfarer’s contest – A chance to travel Britain over the summer, write, video and tweet about your journey’s, the history and myths of the places you visit.

I read Kate’s take on the matter here, and chose to go here to vote for her.

Seriously, how can you not vote for someone who likens their journey to be in the final 20 contestants to Charlie getting the Golden Ticket entry to Willy Wonka-land? 🙂

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