Hold On, It will soon be Over…

BecauseURFantabulousThese past few days, a pattern has been emerging in my personalized reader – – there are more instances of Writer’s Block, Doldrums and Murphy Law days occurring as we go through the week.

There have also been quite a few posts and direct communiques regarding snarky comments left, ungracious replies to award nominations and offers of assistance being thrown back with a few not-so-nice verbiages….as well as a few stories of non-constructive criticism, hate mail and being blocked when others took exception to your humorous point of view.

Of course, we all have these days, but when I see these things striking more than just a handful of bloggers, my little data-point-loving heart wants to know why…

So I’m here to tell you, Hold On – It will soon be over.   The summer solstice is nearly here and the full moon will be on the wane again after Sunday.

Until then, here’s some band-aids:

I really like your blog – it’s awesome and if you need to take a day off or two, no worries – It gives me a chance to work through your archives.

I think you should take a “Me” day – go fishing, have a beer with a buddy, take a nature hike, get a mani/pedi/facial, go swimming with the kiddos instead of just dropping them off at the pool, call that friend you love laughing with and meet for ice cream, coffee or pizza – Do something that has nothing to do with being creative, work or the To Do list.  Rather, do something just for the helluvit.

In regards to snarky activities – wow, so sorry that happened.   But you know, the rest of us just love you.   And if we could, we’d bring the pot-luck comfort food dishes over to your house for a good ole’ fashioned carpet-picnic and have a round-table discussion about why the instigator of snarkiness just doesn’t know beans and how wonderful you are.

I’ve officially declared the rest of this week, “Vacation and Fun Week” for any who wish to do so – if your boss questions the validity, please feel free to share my contact info  – I’ll be happy to explain it to them.

If you take me up on this, then Happy You Week and see ya next Monday!


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