Hollyhocks or Juniper bushes?

I’m pondering over what to do with my western sloped beds – I want them to house some kind of perennial (they are currently planted with mammoth sunflowers, since I hadn’t decided what to do permanently yet.)

Here’s the rub – I’d like to have shading of this side of the house in summer time, because late afternoon/evening is the only time my house gets unbearably warm.Β Β  But, I’d also like to have the benefit of all the sunny winter days we have warming that side as well.

Check out that blue Colorado December Sky!
Great Warmth in winter from the south and western walls – but the western side turning my kitchen into an oven!

I also am a big fan of permaculture – so while I initially thought about putting juniper bushes in and keeping them pruned to half as tall as the western wall, I recently thought hollyhocks, rampant growers here, would shade in the summer, leave the wall free to soak up the sun in winter and never require much else from me, other than trying to keep them at bay.

I also admit to a dying-to-try-the-Add-Poll-button at the top of my editing tool bar kind of feeling…Β  πŸ™‚

So here ya go!Β  The poll is only open for a week, because I’ll be needing to make a decision by at least the end of July and I want plenty of time to ponder your answers!



13 thoughts on “Hollyhocks or Juniper bushes?”

    1. Yes – me and the boy both like them, so I’m planting a whole slew of them and hope we have a years supply of sunflower seeds out of the deal – and a cooler house in the late afternoon come July/August! πŸ˜€


    1. Yes and I also recently learned that snakes love the juniper area – so didn’t really want those right close to the house – and the doggie door! LOL


        1. Think I’ll put the juniper at the north boundary – it will be good for wind/snow break, but far enough from the house for the snakes to do their own thing without me screaming and grabbing the shotgun…LOL


        2. πŸ™‚ I’m hoping they are content to stay over there – I really like Junipers for so many reasons – and they fulfill so many duties!


  1. Juniper or some other bush/tree that you can eat from. Juniper berries can be made into herbal tea. I’m all for edible gardening! πŸ™‚ oh, maybe blueberries, raspberries or some other berries that’ll get tall enough?


    1. Blueberries and raspberries slated for other areas next to where the pine needles fall – so mulching activities don’t include a lot of hauling things back and forth ! LOL I was leaning towards junipers, but think I’ll put them towards the north side of the property – recently learned they are favorites for snakes and I don’t want those things anywhere near my doggie door! LOL


  2. I would try honeysuckle BUSHES – not the vines but the bushes. They grow super fast so you get that cover you need in summer and they are deciduous so you have the sun in winter. I planted these on my fence line in Michigan and within a year they were 5′ high – two and I was going wow you guys are over 7 feet!


    1. Cool! I had read quite a bit about honeysuckle, but didn’t think they would grow in my climate – but if they survive the winters where you are, surely they could survive here – I’ll check that out! Thanks!


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