Summer Blues

Years ago, when I first started blogging and still had a Facebook account, I noticed an interesting trend in my WordPress stats – – on Wednesdays and Sundays (my two days off per week) I would blog away, posting several articles and dutifully place links to said articles on FB…which is where all two of my faithful readers visited me from…

Sundays should have been the busiest “views” day, I figured, since that day folks surely had plenty of time to stop and read….but the stats told a different story.

Monday mornings and Friday afternoons were when I got the most views.   Seems like everyone needed to ease into the work week and escape from it just a tad early, even if escape was only through reading my musings instead of the company week’s end report…

During summertime, weekend stats were all but non-existent…and weekly stats dipped as well…


You may wonder why I’m telling you this.   I do this as a Public Service Announcement.   There has been more than a few in WordPress land indicating a lack of book sales, feeling stagnant in their writing and struggling to come up with blogging ideas….

Sales and stats are sure to be slow because it’s summertime – people are on vacation, gardening, landscaping, weeding, swimming, horseback riding, bike touring, hiking, camping, fishing, attending family reunions, doing home remodels and in general, are scrambling to get as much hay made while the sun shines as they can…

(Except for you folks in the southern hemisphere – I say, are you getting ready to celebrate Christmas in July or some other mid-winter season holiday?)

If your blog stats look abysmal and/or ebooks aren’t selling as well, never fear, avid readers will soon return from those “no service” zones and be back online to make up for lost time.  Soon, they will return to the dreariness of work and will reach out to you to save them from it…

If you feel yourself staring at a blank screen, every morning and wondering just where your muse has run off too, this is simply because it’s summer – your soul knows this and also knows you could be on vacation, gardening, landscaping, weeding, swimming, horseback riding, bike touring, hiking, camping, fishing, attending family reunions, doing home remodels…

Till the leaves fall and we are all housebound again – 🙂

28 thoughts on “Summer Blues”

    1. Yes! I watched the heartbeat of my little blogging community start to hiccup around the end of May and seemed to get progressively worse these past few weeks – just my way of saying, “Hang in there! This too shall pass”
      I look at my stats, but since I’m not actively marketing anything, fluctuations are merely interesting things to ponder, rather than to furiously scramble to ‘fix’ something that may not be broken – –
      Everything, including industries, has a rhythm and once folks are aware of the rhythm, I think it makes it easier to keep focus on what’s important rather than running around putting out fake fires…LOL


  1. It’s been raining here in western canada for the whole month of June – what summer? 🙂 Thanks for the heads up the stats thing for sure. I’m glad you’re enjoying wading through my posts on through the through the luminary lens. Much better than wading through a flood. Take care, Tamrah Jo.


    1. You’re in the same boat as UK and Ireland, sounds like – – will give you the same request I gave others in your predicament,
      “Feel free to send the rain down my way!”


      When I was 13, my family took a trip all the way north to Dawson Creek, British Columbia – my dad was hoping we could move there – but alas, it was not to be – -beautiful country, though – when we came back home, we cut across portions of Alberta and Saskatchewan – to scenes of harvest time which reminded me so of my home state (Eastern Plains, Colorado) – – I do hope to make it North for a visit again someday!
      🙂 – Hope you are soon enjoying sunshiney skies with occasional afternoon storms – just long enough to keep the plants bloomin’ and looking pretty!


      1. I would look frumpy if it were not for my daughters buying my wardrobe every birthday, Christmas, TAKING me to the hairdresser and teaching me how to apply makeup- I feel as article arising


        1. 🙂 you will be receiving an award- the Best Moment Award- not the one on joy of nine9 but the one yet to be written on motherofnine9- no rules, just pass it along. Yoou can simply grab the badge and do it anytime


  2. This is an excellent observation and I do believe you are right. Only wish we could be doing the summer things here in the UK – had a whole day of sunshine today! Woohoo!


    1. From the various blogs I follow from England/Wales/Ireland – sounds like you all have had a dreary, rainy, cool summer so far! Congrats on the Sunshine! Not to down you, but I live in the most sunshine-iest state in the Union – 🙂 Which is why I don’t understand why the whole state isn’t off grid – if the sun isn’t shining, it’s a sure bet the wind is blowing 90 mph – – LOL


  3. We love winter up north, it’s time for all the wonderful outdoors while they freez down south. 🙂 Summer is too hot, wet and sticky with cyclones thrown in for good measure! 😦


    1. Well, dearheart, since I’m too broke to go on vacation, and too much of a wussy to landscape for longer than an hour without a ‘break’ this does not apply to me – I read your blog everyday! LOL


        1. Thanks – and Ditto – and aren’t we just Fantabulous?!?
          (This “Mutual Appreciation Society Message brought to you by –
          “ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE – Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You!)

          Just as soon as Hollywood pays you handsomely for the rights….



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