Green and pleasant screens

Excellent read on the benefits of living walls. Had to share!

Architecture, Design & Innovation

They absorb pollutants, deter graffiti artists and have a calming effect on those who live around them. Sean Farrell of green screen supplier Mobilane explains why ‘living walls’ can help us breathe more easily – and add wow factor to a scheme.

Hardly a day goes by without a news story decrying pollution levels in the UK. Most recently, London’s North Circular has been identified by Transport for London (DFL) as the capital’s most polluted road.

Big problems call for creative thinking and green screens – or living walls – represent a cost effective, instant weapon for tackling pollutants. Green screens also absorb noise, boost biodiversity levels and, quite simply, look great adding a welcome organic counterpoint to the bricks and mortar of urban development.

Living walls are certainly garnering some high-profile supporters in the fight against poor air quality. London mayor Boris Johnson has secured funding for…

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7 thoughts on “Green and pleasant screens”

    1. No burden, but you know how I agonize over nominations to pass it on – – I will gird my loins and get these done – promise -! Thank you!


        1. Never thought about it that way – that helps! 🙂

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  1. Very interesting! Thank you for sharing! There is a gigantic living wall in Madrid – in fact that was the first time I saw one. Reading this I understand their possibilities even better. Let’s have more of them!


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