While walking downtown…

Why, hello there!   Yes, I’m still alive.   Why would you think I wasn’t?  Really?!?   That long, eh?   No, no, everything has been okay.   The weather finally cooled down enough for me to get in some good working days on my landscaping projects.   I just couldn’t bear the 90-100 degree days and lost most of June and July to hiding out in the house…

Oh yes, my projects are coming along, though by no means complete.  What? Of course I’ve got pictures! – But first, look at how dry and awful it was back in late June –  Hard to tell, but that drainage ditch is nearly 8 feet deep…

June 28th - hot, dry and brown
June 28th – hot, dry and brown

Fast forward to August 3rd and boy, what about that storm?

August 3rd - Rain, Rain and some more Rain
August 3rd – Rain, Rain and some more Rain

Yes, yes, as far as I know, I’m the only one on my block to have a dry cellar and no water damage anywhere – guess all these months of infrastructure paid off, eh? No, I didn’t know about the tornado till several days later – I had worked all morning finishing the grading of the north side of the house and planting the holly.  In fact, I had just finished and was putting my tools away when the deluge started and boy, did I get drenched!

Exhausted and sore muscles cried for a rest and I had to really talk to myself just to get my worn out body off the couch to go check the cellar – which was dry and cozy – little did I know, I probably should have stayed down there awhile longer… Que Sera, Sera, All’s well that ends well.

I’ve been hurriedly weeding, by hand, all areas to be planted with grass.  You’re surprised?   Well, I spent so much time and energy this summer mowing weeds – time that could have been spent on infrastructure.   And the child-unit’s only request for my grande outdoor plan was a grassy area to play fetch with Oakley barefoot on.   After much research, I came across a mix of fescue grasses that have deep roots, short blades and once established, needs little mowing or water.    Nearly killed myself weeding by hand the area to be planted, but after all the rain we got, it seemed easier than juggling my brain loose while holding onto a roto-tiller.  And lo and behold, the grass appeared in 6 days – note the middle area, which has been re-seeded.  Initial micro-irrigation set up failed to water the center as much as it should have…

6 Days after planting
6 Days after planting

What else?  Well, I turned a grand ole 45 years of age mid-month.   A friend gifted me some daylillies, ground elderberry and vinca plants, PLUS came and helped me plant them – can’t beat that deal and wasn’t I just over the moon at having new perennial plants installed.

A gift of daylillies for my birthday
A gift of daylillies for my birthday
Ground Elderberry and Vinca birthday plants
Ground Elderberry and Vinca birthday plants

I also have rescued various plants from the clearance shelves – a good drink of water and some TLC and they seem to like it here.   Blue Prince and Princess Holly, Wintercreeper and Bergamot, as well as some mums that wilted from neglect at the store.

Clearance Blue Prince and Princess Holly and Winter Creeper
Clearance Blue Prince and Princess Holly and Winter Creeper
Bergamot with new home and plenty of water/TLC
Bergamot with new home and plenty of water/TLC


I must say, I’m desperate both to get projects completed before the snows come and impatient for the snows to start, so I can rest.   And read… And write….

I’ve pushed myself to get so much done in the limited time left to me and have overdone on occasion.   And yet, I feel I must keep at it, until the last possible moment.   Every bit of infrastructure completed this year, is that much less heavy lifting come next spring.

Oh, how I long to putter about the place.   Lovingly planting, weeding and watering.    With no need to haul dirt, tires, concrete blocks or struggle with irrigation piping.    It’s coming together, slowly but surely, if only my body will hold out for just a few more weeks.  I imagine sitting in the shade of my northeastern garden  corner, breathing in the scent of lilacs while reading your blog on the hand-me down Kindle I recently was gifted.

I’m anxious to hear what all you’ve been up to.   Yes, yes, I shall get caught up on your doings just as soon as the cold winds blow.   Until then, know I dream of the day when I can call you and say, “Would you like to come over for tea this afternoon?   The garden is lovely this time of year”

11 thoughts on “While walking downtown…”

  1. OMG you are back! You are sooo back 🙂 (will have some catching up to do…)
    Tried emailing a couple of times, didn’t got through, looked for you at WP no new posts… Yap got me little worried hehe
    Email me when you have time xox


    1. Thanks ever so much – man, do I have a lot of reading to catch up on – just as soon as the south east side is planted, I’m trading my rake for my keyboard and monitor! 🙂


  2. As it turned out I visited your blog the other day just to make sure I had not been dropped from the ‘follow’ list. When I saw no new posts I just assumed you had better things to do…for now. Looks like that assumption was correct 🙂


    1. Everyday, while laboring in the sun, I thought, “I should go in and post, just after I do this….and that….”

      And you know how the rest of the story went… 🙂 Thanks so much for checking in! 🙂


    1. Thanks! I realized as I looked at the pictures, I really should have taken more pictures of the train wreck that was here before I started – 🙂 But, soon, green things will cover all the tires, and I’ll be posting pics of an oasis – – hopefully! LOL


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