Medical Practioners and Master Plumbers

For reasons I cannot understand or explain, my thoughts are with Dad tonight – in re-reading my posts of him, I had to share this one written over 3 years ago.

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

“The fear of malpractice suit” is often stated as an excuse or reason for a wide range of behaviors from those in the medical community.   Suits are also cited as the one of the leading reasons for the high cost of medical care, insurance costs, etc.

Why?   From all I’ve heard it is very hard to win a medical malpractice suit.  Guess a lot of money gets spent on attorneys – (perhaps more than it does on payouts?)

I will also draw your attention to licensing verbiage – a health care provider usually is licensed to, “Practice Medicine in the State of..” (whatever state you live in, barring, of course, insanity)

If someone is pretty open they are ‘practicing’ and we still choose to use their services, then why are we screaming like smashed cats when they mess up?

Both they and our local governing body told us from…

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