“My house is al…

“My house is always clean – until I’ve invited people over for supper – then it magically becomes a horrendous, cluttered mess no one would want to visit.” Tamrah Jo

Taking another break from dinner party preparations – Lord, I’m tired.   I’m thinking one dinner party a  decade.   Forgot that fixing three different types of enchiladas would have gone smoother if I had more than one induction burner!  But Tacorito sauce is simmering, Red Chile sauce 1/2 done and Creamy Habanero sauce next in que…

If no explosions or catastrophe’s occur, I’ll post pics.

I think the stroke may have affected the ‘cooking’ area of my brain…


2 thoughts on ““My house is al…”

    1. It did, though I was running so far behind in schedule with the one induction burner and a power strip that didn’t like two toaster ovens running at the same time, I nixed fixing the refried anasazi beans and spanish rice, as everyone was already full by the time I got all the enchiladas delivered to the table….LOL
      Alas – running late and still not at my best after a long days work, I totally forgot to snap pics – but it was a wonderful evening and I have the pictures of it in my memory.


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