Sorry…hold on a minute…where’s my tissue?

Okay, now I’m ready.   After weeks of feverishly working on landscape projects and, joy of joys, getting a website job, I’m blissfully at rest today…

Nursing my pneumonia…

Yes, yes, I know what I said about taking life as it comes, not working yourself to death, stopping and smelling the roses…if I had some to smell…

Apparently, I don’t practice what I preach – do ya think they’ll revoke my Preacher’s License?


It’s not that I felt like I was overdoing.   I was so excited to actually do again, I guess I got carried away…

My family is not happy with me.   It’s not like they have to nurse me or anything – I’ve been on this ride before and know just what to do…

Sit around, drink my juice and tea, watch movies, read books and whine occasionally….


The child-unit made it nearly a month back at school before some other dedicated child-unit attended while sick.   My child-unit, generous soul that he is,  dutifully came home and shared this little fall sniffle with me.

He was fine within 3 days.

By day 4, I apologized for asking him to help me with an outdoor project when he felt so bad – he informed me he hadn’t been that miserable.

By day 9, my cough was worse and no longer productive and I had a flash of inspiration – why not go to my doctor on Thursday and pay a reasonable co-pay rather than making a weekend ER trip for the big bucks?

Sometimes my genius inspires me.

My doctor wasn’t in, so I was seen by the other one – who doesn’t know me – she kindly offered me an inhaler for the wheezing and offered a prescription in case it turned worse.  I asked, “When do I know if I need to take it?”

She answered by putting the stethoscope on my back and telling me to take a deep breath…

Are you kidding?  I’ve been doing Power Shallow Breathing for over a week now – Ex-Smokers who’ve had pneumonia before know how to do this, well.

First deep breath sent me into coughing so bad, the whole room probably needed to be sanitized – – Face red (or maybe blue, I wasn’t paying attention) I finally gasped to get one good draw of air and then sat, shaking on the table.

Deep breath my arse…now look at what you made me do….

I’ll give her credit, while I’m flopping around like a beached whale, coughing and trying to breathe, she managed to move that stethoscope around and got an earful.

“Okay, you have pneumonia.  You’ll start taking the prescription today” she pronounced after I apologized and asked if I had ruptured her eardrums.


And now, I’ll let you know why my family despairs in me ever learning…

My doctor is 60 miles away and I always leave early in order to not be late – a lot can happen in 60 miles, ya know.

And right en route to my doctor, there’s this nice little nursery.

And since I was way early, I decided to kill some time there before my appointment.

Sadly, for them, this nursery has been bought out by another one.

Fortunately, for me, the massive sale meant I could indulge in buying some perennials instead of starting them from seed.

In fact, the sale was so good, I stopped back by after my diagnosis of pneumonia, just to make sure I hadn’t missed any really good finds.  And got to visit with the in-house horticulturist who seemed amused at my running monologue,

“Oooh!  Dead nettle!  This will be perfect for the potato patch. Oh Lookie!  Yarrow!   No mosquitos next year for us.  You’re kidding?  Munsted lavender?  At this price?   I’ll get two…wait…is that wooly thyme in purple?   That’ll look beautiful next to this cascading snow…. You know, I get sick of all the oranges and yellows – I want purple and white… What?   There’s another rack of stonecrop back there?   Oh, okay, I see it…let me set these down…I’ll be right back…”

In case you’re wondering at my stupidity of shopping while sick, it’s my understanding that in the early stages of pneumonia, your body tries to save you from yourself – yes you’re tired, but it cries out, “No!  Stay up – do things – here’s some extra adrenaline….cuz if you lay down flat, we’ll drown you…

I finally arrived home  (after a brief stop at the library to get some movies/documentaries to keep me entertained) to a worried mom and child-unit, who came out to help me haul in my sick-care groceries (juice, tea, deli fried chicken, cans of soup),  and found themselves,  instead, carrying my wonderful treasures over to the 1/2 completed western herb bed – –

Instead of caring sympathy, I received chastisement with each step they took….

But, man, am I glad I got pneumonia – otherwise, I would have missed the sale!

Wooly Thyme, Dead Nettle (White Nancy & Purple Dragon), Delphinium, 3 types of Sedum, AppleBlossom Yarrow, Hardy Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Rosemary, Greek Oregano, Cascading Snow, Showy Stonecrop, Salvia and Echinacea
The Haul – Wooly Thyme, Dead Nettle (White Nancy & Purple Dragon), Delphinium, 3 types of Sedum, AppleBlossom Yarrow, Munsted Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Rosemary, Greek Oregano, Cascading Snow, Showy Stonecrop, Salvia and Echinacea

6 thoughts on “Ah-Hack-Hack-Patooie”

  1. You are the first one I ever heard saying they were glad they had pneumonia. Consider me among those who are tut-tutting at you
    …at least until the stuff is grown.

    Hope you’re better soon 🙂


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