Obviously, the calendar is wrong…

I was a big fan of the whole Maya 2012 thing – mainly because the years preceding 12/21/12 were, for me, filled with illness, death and multiple forms of loss –

I was praying the date was right.  I was tired of it all, but not quite ready to skip out on my obligations by taking matters into my own hands –

Though my life has improved vastly and I seem to be on the road to recovery, I’m starting to think perhaps the Mayans were right and our calendar is wrong – I got caught up on my reading today and here’s a list of why we may not be out of the woods just quite yet, though 2012 has passed:

  1. Locally, we’ve had drought, massive forest and grassland fires, followed by 100-year flooding, loss of enormous amounts of infrastructure and wonderful toxic spills and run-offs.
  2. Nationally, every area seems to be having their own problems – sink holes, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, flooding, fires….
  3. A snippet indicated TED has aligned with Monsanto – say it isn’t so….
  4. Poverty levels continue to rise, more people than ever will qualify for Medicaid in January, but apparently, no doctors will take new Medicaid/Medicare patients.  So we’ll all have insurance bucks to spend come 2014 and nowhere to spend ’em.
  5. Mortgage rates continue to increase, Real Estate is moving back up, interest rates are climbing while savings account rates stay low, wages are frozen or decreased and food prices climb.
  6. The latest, greatest in new school building makes Leavenworth look like a community park –
  7. Political representatives are more accessible than ever through websites, email, etc.  And never fail to respond to your, “Are we really certain Fracking is as good an idea as we think and do you think I’ll be able to find work anytime soon?” email inquiry with, “I take your concerns seriously and because of this, I’ve voted to allow the whole state to be Fracked, so we bring jobs home to Coloradoans.  Would you like a ticket to my $10,000/plate campaign dinner?”


I realize sometimes it may seem  as though I’m rather self-absorbed – It’s not intentional – I don’t watch TV or the news, rarely listen to the radio and so, it takes a day of reading the 241 blogs I follow to get up to speed on what all has been going on with the rest of the world while I putter away in La-La-Land…

And, I must admit, after thoroughly educating myself today, I almost wished I hadn’t – Being by myself a lot and shielding myself from a constant barrage of media means the shock factor of just how outrageous things have become tends to hit me a bit more than the average bear.

I will say this…If the calendar was wrong, and it’s all over come 12/21/13, I’m going to be pissed that I half-killed myself building infrastructure for a garden NEXT YEAR – when I could have been lazing around partying all summer….



4 thoughts on “Obviously, the calendar is wrong…”

  1. Yes I am afraid Ted has defected its true! and the changes are happening Right now, I think the 21 12 12 was needed to get us thinking… If you think it had to end at some point ( the calendar ) So it happened in our era…. We choice to add doom and gloom to its ending.. where as maybe it was to show us that if we do not change our ways, we will end up destroying ourselves, and lets face it we keep having a darn good try!

    Apologies too for not being around, I had to regulate all my incoming posts and it seems WP had a mind of its own as many posts never
    made it to my Inbox!…. then over the last few weeks, its seems those updates now come in with a mind of their own, As I have those who post each day to weekly, but the weekly never arrived….Which makes me sound as if I am in La Laa Land! LOL
    🙂 🙂 xxxxx Sue


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