Yes, I really, REALLY, like you

Between bouts of coughing and feeling sorry for myself, I’ve been getting caught up on my reading here at WordPress.  And added a few new blogs to my Follow list.

And have gotten a few comments from those I follow:

“Wow!  Thanks for all the likes!”

I’m engaging in my usual behavior – I’m a Lazy Liker, as I’ve confessed to before.  You probably didn’t notice it, because I used to stay caught up on my reading everyday. A little like here and there is par for the course.

Now, because of my hiatus from WordPress for landscaping projects, you log in to find me liking your past 20 posts (or more, if you’re an avid poster) all on the same day.

What can I say?

Yes, I’m still wading through the archives racked up during my absence – – sorry, have to run, while I posted this, 15 new posts to read have shown up in my reader –

Sigh, I may never get caught up


17 thoughts on “Yes, I really, REALLY, like you”

  1. I generally try to comment on blogs but when you’ve got piles and piles of them it’s basically impossible. These days I find that comments only come, by themselves, sometimes. So be it 🙂
    Hope the cold/fly thing will be leaving you soon.
    But, of course, it could be much worse. You could have caught a Man-Flu and EVERYONE knows those are much worse.


    1. Oh I know! The only thing worse than catching Man-Flu is living with a man who has….


      Thanks for the laugh! Sent me into a spate of coughing – durn men…..
      ROFL and Coughing….


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