Either, Or, Both And…

Some years ago, a friend asked,

“Why is it always either/or with you and never both/and?”

I gave the answer I often do,

“What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino?   {pause for full appreciation of friend’s exasperated sigh}  Ell-if-i-no!”

No, I’ve never tired of that little joke…Know what you get if you cross an elephant with a unicorn? 

Hell if You Know….


This morning I’m caught in that mysterious phase of getting better – – I fell well enough to depart from the couch, books and dvd player remote, yet not quite well enough to be all inspired and motivated to work on any of my in-progress projects.

The pneumonia has, of course, given me plenty of time to revisit questions dear to my heart and a few times, at 3 in the morning, while desperately trying to quiet my cough long enough to sleep some, I despaired that I may ever know the answer to some of Life’s little illogicalities before I die.

Yes, I made that word up – no, I’m not ashamed, people do it all the time – how else do you think our dictionaries got so big?

Then it struck me this morning – the WordPress community is such a rich, smart and vibrant one – why not post my unanswered questions here?

*Note – I realize that some of my questions may cause pain for some – I usually manage to offend someone when I’m en quest for information – I get too focused on the question at hand and forget the other person may not realize that I truly am asking, not purposefully poking around to see which button of theirs hurts the most – Proceed at your own risk.


  1. There is a collective worry about over-population and diminishing resources – and yet, we still seem bent on keeping everyone alive for as long as possible, even when the quality of life is so small, no amount of quantity could ever compensate – Why is that?   If medicine were not patentable and insurance companies didn’t exist, would this change?
  2. When our pets are terminally ill and in extreme pain, we view ourselves as compassionate when we ‘put them to sleep’ but become outraged when doctors aide patients in the same quest or when someone takes their own life.  I confess to not understanding this.
  3. I could write about my opinions on what’s what, in language that creates divisiveness, discord and hatred – I’m covered by Freedom of Speech.   I could cause deadlock and entropy by refusing to compromise on any subject, publicly humiliate and insult those who think differently from me and still be okay…   But let me loose the F word just once and it’s all over….  Why is that one little word so powerful?
  4. The same technology and manufacturing practices that have allowed electronic prices to fall enough for most families to have multiple  TVs, computers, tablets, cell phones, xBoxes and Playstations was heralded as the breakthrough that would make solar panels affordable for everyone (yes, this occurred nearly 6 years ago) and yet, converting a home to be powered by the sun is still out of the financial reach of many.  What happened?
  5. Being a gambling addict is despicable and not to be tolerated by society.   Losing nearly all your 401(k) in the Stock Market is to be expected – you’re in it for the long haul, just keep making your contributions.  I confess to not seeing the difference, except that gambling keeps thousands of casino workers employed while stock market fluctuations tend to result in mass layoffs.
  6. Business expenses result in adjustments that lower taxes owed – yet, business owners will, 9 times out of 10, purchase a new vehicle every year for their managers rather than spend the same amount of money to provide benefits to their employees – can someone please, please! explain this to me.
  7. How do you heal yourself through deep-breathing exercises when you can’t breathe deeply without sending yourself into a coughing fit?
  8. Why is being a shop-aholic more socially acceptable than being a wino?  Don’t liquor store owners count in keeping our economy going?
  9. If people couldn’t smoke, drink, gamble and cavort while naked, would there be even more meltdowns and mass shootings?  Why are some vices more socially acceptable than others?
  10. If there were no professional sports or violent video games, would we have more wars to give vent to the competitive, violent streak that seems to reside deep within us?
  11. If we did re-distribute the world’s wealth, exactly how many years before the same people had it again?  10? 20? 100?   Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. Was the Biblical 666 really the Hebrew way of writing Nero’s name in code, or does it refer to our Credit Score System?
  13. With all the power to create beautiful stories of courage, truth and strength in the face of adversity, with happy endings for all, why do we have so many tales of horror and mans inhumanity to man?   Are we just not wired for Utopia?
  14. Is it better for me to donate $5 to the local food bank or $5 to help some international charity organization?  Has anyone ever done a study to show the difference between the communities who invest in their own back yard and those who invest anywhere but?
  15. If I am dedicated to thinking Positive and refuse to give any vibrational energy to that which is not working by talking about it, asking questions and exploring the issue, how does that thing I’m ignoring get fixed?
  16. Are houseplants really happy, or are they wishing we’d left them where they were at and came to visit them in their home once in awhile?
  17. If we could only eat what we gather, hunt or prepared for ourselves, would anyone really eat caviar? hot dogs? Twinkies?
  18. If I drink a case of beer and you drink a case of diet soda, at one sitting, who will be sicker?  Has anyone actually tried this?
  19. If I could hook my brain up to a generator, would I even need solar panels?
  20. If you’re still reading, this list, don’t you have anything better to do?


I hope this phase of healing ends soon – I may just drive us both nuts…

2 thoughts on “Either, Or, Both And…”

    1. I put them together, so no one is lonely, except the peace lily, which seems to like being off by itself – maybe that’s how it stays peaceful…LOL Still, sometimes I wonder if love and care is enough – I’d hate to be held prisoner….


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