Too Good to Leave in Comments

Poets4Justice was kind enough to share the following video in the comments section of my previous post, Call To Action – I deem it too Fantabulous to leave languishing at the bottom of the page, hence, I’m posting in on it’s own page.


5 thoughts on “Too Good to Leave in Comments”

    1. 🙂 – Thanks for the wave! LOL – At the time you made this trip (1967, it is?), you could have waved to my mother, 3 months out from being pregnant with me when you drove Rt 24 from Colorado Springs to Limon – a brief wave, pointed southward, as you passed through the little town of Simla would have been sufficient – –

      Had the Trip been made anytime from 1995 – 2011, Waving from Pikes Peak in a general westerly direction would have reached me…

      And today? Well….waving anywhere in the vicinity of Simla will once again work! 🙂


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