And What do You Think?

I’m buried in finishing Inheritances.   The 12 or more hour long writing days may be getting to me.

The “print button” for beta reader benefit has not been yet pushed as I re-read the entire manuscript and realize things I thought I had included, I had actually written on my blog or in my journal – and had not included in the ever-growing manuscript.

As ever more information is being added, I’m starting to have niggles of self-doubt –

For you see, the original manuscript contained short journal entries, to set the stage for the sharing of what I’ve discovered during my journey of grieving.    As I add items, I’m finding it necessary to include some of the longer journal entries, to adequately portray my perspective at the time, or the coping choices I was making, in order for the following text to have any, well, context.

My niggling of doubt inner critic is going something like this:

“Who would want to read this?   People are looking for options and answers, not just another sob story.”

And so, I ask you, dear WordPress Community, what do you prefer?   Do you like knowing what’s really going on behind the scenes, or would you rather just hear about the lessons learned and the gifts received without the personal stories these realizations were borne in?

Thanks for any/all suggestions, opinions and “Stop procrastinating and finish the damn thing, already” comments, in advance!



8 thoughts on “And What do You Think?”

    1. Thanks! And I’m starting to see a trend – personal stuff in – – thank goodness! Have spent so much time including, was dreading time spent pulling the material out and smoothing out the transitions! 😀


  1. I think people want to hear the whole story, not just the results/lessons learned. They want to read about the journey it took to get there. I’ve asked myself the same questions too, and, really, does writing ever end? 😉


    1. I’m beginning to think the writing, indeed, never does end, but for this manuscript the time is approaching! 🙂 Thank you very much for your thoughts on the matter. It is much appreciated.


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