Why Hope is Never Far Away

An exchange of comments with Linda G. Hill today made me once more examine my own motivations and inspirations – one more attempt at communicating my oft-labeled tendency to skirt from one passion to another, with none seemingly important enough (at least to me) to dedicate  my entire being to.

Our exchange made me realize on a very conscious level,  I never fail to be amazed by the heights to which the human spirit aspires, even under the most dire circumstance.

And how very often shocked I am, by the depths of depravity we can descend to.

I rarely examine or comment on any issue without trying to better understand the system or organization humans have put in place that provided the time and space for such triumphs or catastrophes to occur in.

I’m a life-long & dedicated observer of human nature and the systems we create to distract us from, tranquilize us or otherwise subdue the awful terror we feel in the face of our own mortality combined with the often chaotic and uncontrollable environment we strive to survive in.

While I may flit from subject to subject – much as a hummingbird glides and dips from flower to flower, to drink in first here, then there – my desire to discover, design or participate in whatever I can that I believe will allow the best of us to shine through more often than not, is, in actuality, the driving force of my life.

And, I would venture to say, the driving force of most of us.  Agreeing on what these systems are, is, another matter altogether.

From which venue I choose to address such desires and dreams seems not to matter so much.  I shall never become a dedicated healer, advocate, producer of specialty products nor expert author in a narrowly divined niche –

But the attempt to understand human nature and the systems we create is my life’s work.   It is the unifying glue that holds me together and allows me to travel down paths I never otherwise  would deign to visit.

It drives my every inquiry – my every striving – my every day of being.

It feels good to finally identify that thing  to which I can dedicate myself – without feeling I have tied myself down to one and only one, path.

Thanks, Linda, for inspiring me today!



One thought on “Why Hope is Never Far Away”

  1. This is so great and such a worthwhile pursuit. It’s a neverending challenge, and so, as long as there are people and circumstances to study, it will never get old.
    You’re very welcome, my dear. 🙂


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