Until We Meet Again….

In the past, I have not notified my blogging community when I decide to go A.W.O.L., mainly, because I thought it not necessary.  However, because of all you awesome and wonderful bloggy fellows out there, I have, in the past,  been the recipient of emails when I go too quiet, for too long:

“Checking in to see if you’re still alive, or sick, or what – Are you okay?”

The first time it happened, I was speechless with gratitude and warmed by the caring of this community.  When it happened again during my month hiatus this summer, working myself to death on landscaping projects, I decided it was only thoughtful to let you know when I’ll be absent –

My dear old computer has died and I hate trying to wax eloquent on my smartphone, because I make a lot of FFMs (fat finger mistakes) trying to deal with those tiny little screen keyboards.  My smart phone is also not smart enough to understand when I say “Piece of Crap” I mean it – not “Peace off Crap” – so I rarely use the voice recognition, either.

So while I will enjoy reading all your Fantabulous works, and the phone app does provide me a big, fat “Like” button that my fingers can manage to push, and I can blunder through typing a comment, because after all, you know what I meant to say – I will be rather silent until I either rebuild Frankenstein (yes, I do believe it’s the motherboard) or bite the bullet and search high & low for a computer with Windows 7 on it that I can afford – –

Until we meet again, take care and thinking of you.

P.S. I awoke to snow on the ground – and am excitedly thinking about curling up into my couch corner and crocheting all day.  Winter has arrived, whether the calendar says so or not.

P.S.P.S.  For those of you kind enough to pre-purchase Inheritances, I wanted to report I am still on track for it being published in November – Yay!

13 thoughts on “Until We Meet Again….”

  1. I [appreciate this post, written from a woman is typing on her new laptop, Just because we are not face to face, it does not mean we are not real. Good luck in the meantime and I am eager to receive your book, maybe in time for my birthday 🙂

    peace to you,



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