Goodbye, 2013

As I write this, the New Year is still about 40 minutes out from my neck of the woods – –

Have you ever wondered about what a funny thing time is?   For instance – there are some of you who think I’m living in the past, given your own perspective of already singing Auld Lang Syne ( or whatever that song is named…)

And some of you, are marveling at the fact that I’m writing, while I should be surrounded by friends, booze and ticker-tape, happy the New year has just been rung in (or about to be.)

But no – – I’m sitting here in the quiet of the night – wondering if Pagan ideas of a New Year and resolutions pre-dated the Christian idea of baptism.

A new start – a clean slate – a leaving behind of those thoughts and actions that do not serve us and a reaching for those that do.

Yeah – I know – Heavy stuff that just really messes with the good buzz you had going….


Those who have followed my blog for less than a year may not know this – I have New Year’s Rituals – –

I make a list of every thing I accomplished this past year –

Projects completed –

Personal growths made (not counting the mole on my back)

New skills learned.

I list them out on December 31st and back date them to January 1st – an easy way to make sure I always keep the Resolutions I made – –


I’m getting out and about more now – meaning, I’m interacting with people more.   And I live in a town where the churches outnumber the liquor stores and bars by 7 – 1.

Bad Karma, if you ask me.   There should always be a balance between dens of iniquity and sanctuaries to save the soul – otherwise, the whole Universe gets out of whack – –

I’ve been invited to church twice in the past few weeks.   Normally, I would take two unrelated yet similar conversations as a sign I need to do something – but, I’m happily ignoring it all.

Why?   Because my soul is fed – daily.   There is not a day that passes that I don’t ponder upon how lucky I am and ask why bad things happen in my life.

That I don’t see the the beauty of the human soul and wonder how man got so corrupted.

Where I don’t marvel at our ingenuity and cry at our greediness.

Who needs church on Sunday?  I’ve got all the lessons of the sages at my fingertips if I’m willing to look, listen, see and ponder.

(I would add smell and taste, but people treat you funny if you go around sniffing and licking them….)

And so, I sit here on New Year’s Eve, thinking about what I’ve learned the past year….

What I messed up…

What I got right….

What I accomplished….

What can be left for next year’s to do list….

What I need to let go of and what I need to reach for, this coming year.


If you’ve had an awful year, I’m figuring this coming one will be better – –

If you’ve had a wonderful year, I’m hoping the trend continues.

But most of all, I hope this New Year brings you hope, love, health and happiness.

And all the rest of the crap that lands in our lap?

Well, in the immortal words of Sam Elliot (Roadhouse)

“Cut it the f*** loose”

Which is my motto –

You’re welcome to make it yours, too.

Happy New Year – May the sun shine on your face – May the wind blow at your back and May you stride into the New Year knowing how wonderful you are (or can be)

A toast to you! Cheers!

My Christmas Tree is Up

In my excitement over being employed again, I had not reckoned for how worn out I would be until I adjusted to my new schedule.

But today, I was given a gift from the gals down at the Senior Center – – and so, my Christmas Tree is up!

An Honest to Goodness Charlie Brown Tree
An Honest to Goodness Charlie Brown Tree

Yes, I am the proud owner of an Honest to Goodness Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

I feel bad – cuz you may not have one – EVERYONE needs one of these….

It reminds me what Christmas is really about – family, love, compassion, forgiveness, sacrifice for those we love…

So here’s my little wish for you, just in case you don’t have your own Charlie Brown Tree –

May your Winter Season Be Blessed with

Enough heat to keep you warm

Enough food to keep you fed

Enough drink to keep you hydrated

Enough love to keep you nurtured

Enough Friends to remind you how very, very Fantabulous you Are and to shower your Love upon

Happy Holidays!

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