Healthcare Update

A lovely blogger commented on a previous Healthcare post and reminded me to give you the update – but first a recap:

July – My current insurer informs me they’ll be out of business 12/31/13 – and to be on the lookout for the insurance marketplace and to apply for new coverage on October 1st.

August – I visit the new website of the new marketplace – coming along nicely.

September – I use the calculator on the new website to figure out what my estimated insurance costs will be – it informs me I need to apply for Medicaid.

October 1st – I apply for Medicaid.

October/November – I make copies of everything regarding citizenship, income, number of tattoos, required by state agencies.   I double check that I reported cash gifts from family members correctly so I don’t end up on the front news of the local paper as one who has been milking the system.  I have weekly chats with my ‘case worker’ who is very nice and as frustrated by the process as I am.

November – Am denied Medicaid, because even though I qualify come January, I don’t now – but can never ascertain exactly what the requirements are now.  Am informed to reapply Jan. 1st.

November/December – Receive emails and phone calls from marketplace, wanting to get me signed up for a healthplan, because I’ve been denied coverage on Medicaid.   I cannot afford the cheapest plan and prepare to be charged with my ‘fine’ for not having health insurance.  Little do they know, I intend not to pay my taxes this year because I’m still pissed about the government shutdown, so I really don’t care if they add a fine on top of what they think I owe them.

December 21st  – Receive letter in the mail telling me I’m approved for Medicaid and to get online to check my benefits.   I log in and find that my account status still shows “Application Submitted/Pending”   I update my income to reflect the earnings from my new 10 hour a week job.

2 Days ago – Received my Medicaid card in the mail, with attached paperwork informing me that it’s a huge crime for me to let someone use my card.   Which is funny, because I’ve yet to find a provider in my neighborhood who takes Medicaid, so just who, exactly, will me and all my friends wrack charges up with?

2014 year Health Plan – Continue to see my regular doctor.   Had checkup on 12/30 and paid $73 cash for the visit.   Next visit scheduled for 08/08/14.   Still cheaper than paying for insurance each month, as long as nothing big happens.

My new government sponsored health plan is nothing but catastrophe insurance to keep my family from going bankrupt when paramedics ignore the “DNR” tattooed on my chest – – -what can I say?

Will let you know how much I’m fined and which jail I’m in for non-payment of taxes come April 16th…..


9 thoughts on “Healthcare Update”

    1. It’s sorted, and got my card in the mail about a week ago – – alas, my doctor doesn’t take it, but has made me a good deal for a cash discount – – alas, my big relief is if something big does happen and the responders ignore my DNR orders, at least my family will be somewhat protected from huge bills – that is about all I look to use it for and am hoping it is never used! 🙂 But at least, I won’t be fined for not having any coverage at all – – 🙂


        1. I watched a special called, “Sick around the World” which looked at different countries and how their healthcare systems are set up – – I’m convinced that until we (the USA) decide to either go with a fully private or fully government supported option, we will always deal with issues and high costs – – we are trying to walk two roads with widely different goals and destinations and all we’re getting is sore legs and feet! LOL


        2. Yes sounds like it….. I hope the middle road is found soon.. Unfortunately often things have to get worse before they get better.. Here the NHS is struggling now financially to stay afloat even though they get a chunk of our wages taken in the form of us each paying our NHS stamps.. Which we have known for years have been syphoned off for other things… But the big pull on it is immigration.. Many Europeans come who have never paid into the system and get treatments… I have no problem with them coming to the UK… but if we go to their countries WE have to pay for treatments there if we fall ill etc.. Each place has its own problems… and no system is foolproof as they say..


        3. True – I still think a good hard look at our food supply and addressing the illnesses caused by malnutrition would be the best way to drastically reduce healthcare costs – – and, though I may sound hardhearted, a return to a lifestyle that embraces death as part of the journey rather than a destination to be avoided at all costs – – I’ve chosen this for myself and do not begrudge anyone their additional time with their loved one – and yet, at least here, there is a surreal feeling to how people view things in light of “modern medicine”

          I recently had a conversation with a friend who was keeping me updated on another friend’s health status – – she commented, “What do you think made his kidneys shut down?”

          I know I probably sounded harsh, but my answer was,
          “He’s 80! I know we have this cultural myth that if we don’t drink, smoke or engage in risky behaviors, eat right and exercise, we’ll somehow live forever, but for goodness sakes! The body takes hits every day and at some point the parts start wearing out!”

          By many standards, I’ve lived well past when I should have, so I figure, when my parts wear out, that’s that – – I’ll let you know if I change my thinking, but really, this futile search for the fountain of youth through modern medicine is, to my way of thinking, just one more reason why healthcare costs are spiralling out of control….


        4. No I embrace your way of thinking .. To me Death will be a release and a journey I am in fact looking quite forward too, all be it I intend to stick around for some time yet I hope! 🙂

          But you are right We Are what we Eat.. we eat so much rubbish and put so much chemicals into foods as additives and that’s not counting the chemicals added to make it grow and don’t even get me started on GMO… LOL… and no you didnt sound harsh.. at 80 our parts wear out after a lifetime of trying to filter out the yunk we put into our systems ..
          Healthcare also is doing far too many cosmetic surgeries, Here in the UK many women are seeking compensations and crying out they are having to pay for the removal of breast implants which were found to be defective… The NHS has covered alot of these costs so I totally agree with you ..


        5. Sigh – okay, let’s add, “And see the natural form of the human in all it’s perfection” to the list of things we could embrace to lower medical costs – – LOL


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