Would you look at that!?!   I started a simple little post 20 minutes before the New Year, only to come up for air and discover it’s an hour into the new year – – this is why my writing suffers when I’m employed or gardening – put me in front of a keyboard and time loses all meaning, a habit which neither Mother Nature or Bosses  have any tolerance for – – –

But before signing off – I must tell you – the child unit voluntarily signed up for a 12 hour lock down tonight – –

It’s technically called a “Lock-In” and everybody is relieved that those silly youngsters who don’t know anything about nothing are safely locked away from booze, cars, drunk drivers and shenanigans in the basement of some church for the next 12 hours.

Apparently, there is still some risk, for if you fall asleep during lock-down ( I mean, Lock-in) you’ll most likely wake up with your eyebrows shaved and magic marker on your face ….

I did try to helpfully suggest he take a nap today and drink some coffee with whiskey in it so he’d be wide awake and rarin’ to defend his canvas (aka, his face)

He respectfully declined on all counts.


While I understand and appreciate the hard work and dedication of our local youth group leaders to let our kids have fun and be safe this New Year’s Eve  – I still can’t quite swallow the whole Lock-In thing – –

Makes me think of prisons – –

And makes me wonder what we are doing to our youth –

Our new, energy efficient, safety cautious school house reminds me of Leavenworth (minus the razor wire).

How do we protect our young without making them fearful of the world they will soon enter?

How do we keep them alive through their childhood and still let them learn the lessons they must if they are to survive on their own?

How do we protect them from the ugly of the world and teach them that ugliness exists?

How do we not damage their small spirits with harshness but still prepare them to be tough enough to survive the competitiveness they will encounter once they leave our nest?

But most of all, I ask myself:

“We ask these children to be better than we are – – to share and be kind, to not bully one another or threaten each other with force – and yet….

We still haven’t created the world for them to walk in that abides by those rules – how does that make any sense?”

Gear Up – Adults – We have work to do this year….


4 thoughts on “Lock-Down”

  1. Of course you are so right…It’s hard to live with though…what we have become. I try to live by some words from Mahatma Gandhi: That you, yourself, have to be the change you want to see in the world.


    1. True, so true, but the cynic in me says a whole lot of us have to envision the same change and truly buy into it, before it will make a difference – – until then, there are still those who will take their bounty no matter how many innocents they hurt – but I’m optimistic a tipping point of those who are striving to be the change they wish to see in the world will be reached.
      Thanks for commenting – I got it mixed around that Rumi said “Be the change you wish to see” – thanks for setting me straight.


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