Snapshot of 2013

Yes, yes – I got my WordPress 2013 at a glance report on my stats.

Yes, yes – I could have published my report – but that would have taken all the fun out of  interpreting the data – you know how I love to make fun of folks who interpret data to their own satisfaction – lets laugh at me for awhile, shall we?

Here’s my interpretation of the data:

Leading the headlines is “Because You’re Fantabulous” which is no surprise – who can resist someone dubbing them wonderful with some crazy made-up word?

Next up –  a crap-load of people are still trying to figure out how to get GE silicone caulk of their hands after they try the DIY caulking schtick –

I’m the Queen of How to Get Caulk of your Hands (my reign continues!)  But seriously, folks, this How-To has been up for over 2 years now – can you please just read it BEFORE you dive in, – can’t you use the plastic gloves I didn’t and, in retrospect, recommended you should and quit caulking your fingers together?  Why do you think I posted it in the first place?!?

(To save you from yourself and to remind me next time I caulk – Sheesh!)

Apparently, several people have a guilty conscience, or else, they like reading about other people who do, because “Crisis of Conscience” came up in the top stories.

People are interested in where I live, because “My Community” made the list too – perhaps it was just ID thieves looking to score….

I wrote of my own healing moment in the “The Garden Within” – perhaps gardeners didn’t have their search terms locked down tight enough or perhaps shamanictrackings followers figured I was worth a read….(thanks, shamanic tracker!)

And last, but certainly not least, there is a boatload of folks wanting to do laundry by hand without benefit of a washer/dryer – – okay, maybe they don’t want to, but they are interested in how I’ve done it….


Here’s the top-five list of loyal and engaged readers who I enjoy and who also shower me with love via comments:

Poets 4 Justice

Mother of Nine

New Bloggy Cat

Linda Lite Being

What I’m Up To Today


So there it is – My impact upon the world for this past year  –

DIY home projects and what do to when the project goes south.

The idiotic ways I come up with to punish myself when I don’t pay enough attention to what’s going on around me….

The hangout where I get to be me and no one gets infuriated ….

Where I go when the world seems so hard and I need to sound the Retreat….

Hmmm – a little bit of logical, practical know-how – some esoteric wisdom to navigate your way – how to find a sanctuary in a world gone mad – –

And capping it off,  those who may never meet me in person, but let me know they care, just the same…

Know what?  I can live with that list – –

4 thoughts on “Snapshot of 2013”

    1. Ah – smilecalm – there is not a single time you’ve commented that your poetry and craft of words have not brought peace to my heart and a gentle sigh of content from my lips.

      Which means, I need to investigate WP data mining activities – how could you be left off the “top 5 commentor’s list”?!?

      I appreciate you and hope 2014 brings you love, health and blessings.


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